It's oKAY!

This little person right here is totally potty trained.

Sept11 053 
Like, dry-all-night, can-use-any-public-restroom, I-don't-even-check-with-her-anymore, POTTY TRAINED.

Sept11 029 
She's pretty cool, and she knows it.

Sept11 056 

I was telling a friend this morning that Sophia was wearing two tu-tus (or as Clay calls it, her four-four), and I had only just barely talked her out of wearing three. She arched an eyebrow at me and said, "So...she OWNS three tu-tus?"

Sept11 033 
No. No, she actually owns something 
She has her own response when she does anything she shouldn't, "Dat's o-KAY!" It reminds us all of Raphael, whose chosen response when he was being a wayward 2 year old was a cheerful, "UH OH, Faphi DID IT!"

While Raphi always sounded fairly pleased with his misbehaviors, Sophia mostly sounds happy and comforting. Whatever has happened, someone will deal with it. Don't be upset. It's all o-KAY!

Except I am watching her grow and dance and inhabit her tu-tus like she was born to be this exact girl right here, and I can tell you...

Sept11 049's way better than oKAY!