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Stitch Fix! #3! Because I forgot last month!

Okay, let's get this thing done. I think I'll start with the most awful one, so we can only go up from there.


Don't you just feel sorry for me right now? You winced, didn't you? It's okay. This deserved a wince, and maybe even a muttered "oh dear."

The only potential good of this top is that I could secretly pretend to be a flying squirrel.

Still not worth it.

Not that I would actually pretend to be a flying squirrel.

Although that would be kind of fun. 

Moving on!

I also received a pair of skinny jeans, which is kind of outside my comfort zone. I might have kept them, except they were too long, sort of like the rest of the world. Note how they are wrapped around my heels. This is how I live. Everything in the world is made for people who are taller than me. You should see me scale the grocery shelves. It's kind of terrifying. 



That is my dog, Tchai, who keeps wandering into the photos. She was either worried about me acting strange or she thought it was possible I was a flying squirrel. 

I also took a picture of these jeans from the side, but it makes me feel bad about my butt, so I'm not showing you. 



A purse, which I gasped at a little, because I love it. I did not keep it because I don't need another purse. I don't. But I still feel a little pang about it. 

And yes, those are my feet, which Sophia was so anxious to exclude from the last batch of pictures, but I think they're fine. I have no problem with my feet. 


Love this top. Love it! The sleeves have a slight puffy shirt feel to them, but I don't care. I can act fancy! It's nearly as convincing as my flying squirrel act. 

Not that I would do that.

Also, you may notice the wild variations in camera angles. This is what happens when you drag your daughter away from her screen time to take pictures for you. She either sits on the coffee table...


...or stands on the coffee table. I actually call her "Squirrel," and this is one example of why. 



Kept this one too, mainly because Sophia swore to me that it was good and I should keep it. But then again, she hated the purse, so what does she know. I think this next one is a better picture of it, and it also demonstrates the finale of the picture-taking adventure, a photo I like to call, "OKAY, that's enough, Squirrel! Just give me back my phone."


Aaaaand that's all!