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New classes - first impression

Math Class 

Hey, I don't think this will be too bad. I think I can do this! I mean, I wouldn't say that I'm excited about it, but this is math for...my people. 

Writing Class 

Love. Love this. Love love love. Can I just live here?

Biology 2

Oooh, we are not messing around here, are we? Okay, okay. I can do this. Some interesting stuff here. Wow, this lab is kinda intense. Okay. Let's do this thing. This biology thing. 

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Oh wow. There is a lot here. And this lab is...how can a lab manual be that thick? Okay, the professor is going to give us a starting list of terms to memorize.

That's a lot of terms.

She just keeps saying words.

Is she trying to say all the words? In the world?

I think you're done now! I think that's enough!

Sweet jeebus. More words.

So. many. terms.

I wonder if she'll stop if I pretend to die?


Did I say that in the outside the head voice?

Professor: Okay, I think since it's our first day, that's a good start, without getting too in-depth.






Hey, I proofread an anatomy textbook too--it beats microbiology! You can do this. I have many of those terms memorized because I have strained them or had my neuromuscular massage therapist abuse them or whatever. Kinda' wish I had to memorize them for a class! Anyway, may you memorize the terms without having to strain anything other than your brain!


The terms get easier in A&P1, it's just the initial onslaught that is so overwhelming. Before you know it people will get annoyed with you because you'll start saying things like, "ack, my the lateral area of my patella feels like lightening just went through it."


miss you on here!
hope all is well with school, family, life & you!

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