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Torrential life.

You guys, Typepad just made me sign into my account, that's how long I've been gone. I hate that.

But then again, I hate everything tonight, because I just got home from a trip to take Tre to orientation at a new university, which happens to be my alma matter (which he didn't realize when he became enamored with it), and if there is anything that will give you All The Feels, it is seeing the campus your baby will be leaving you for. On top of that, because this is his College Experience 2.0, I'm holding all this hope in my heart for him. And also, there I was, on the campus I haven't seen for 23 years, remembering those days and thinking about how I'm going back to school in the Fall to finish that same damn degree, and what happened, exactly? And I got to spend the day with my college roommate (who is my sister, for reals), because she's an instructor there. 

All The Feels.

And then I got to spend a million years in the car with Tre, coming home. And we got caught in a torrential rainstorm and it was scary. And I barely made it home in time for bedtime shennanigans, which made Sophia extra squirrely. And we have an extra cat in the house, and Melody, our in-house cat doesn't like him, and one of them is peeing on clothes that are left on the floor, which I am SO DONE WITH.

All of which is to say I just hit the wall, emotionally, and cried at Clay. While I was ordering a pair of glasses online to replace the ones Max lost at his friend's house. 

Life is torrential, and I am just barely afloat tonight.