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Torrential life.


Friday was a busy day, but aren't they all? With Max and Sophia's school years finishing up, I seem to be expected to be somewhere always, and don't forget the extra special performance tomorrow! Yeesh. It's a lot. 

Of course, Raphael's school year is finishing up too, and on Friday he brought me a stack of books and one essay to check. I shuffled through it all, noting this and that, here and there. I shoved a couple of books back to him so he could redo some problems. He was on it, all concentration and scribbles, and he shoved them back at me in minutes.

"Yup..." I said, scanning his algebra work, "...looks good. You're done."

He grinned at me like I'd said something particularly clever. Took me a minute. Oh. 

He's done.

Friday was his last day of homeschool. MY last day of being a homeschooler. In the fall he's off to high school, and I'm actually going back to college to finish a degree I began 26 years ago. 

After 14 years of homeschooling, it's over. 

Feels a little like stepping off a cliff. Free, yet free-fall. Can I do this? Can he? How will we get through the changes ahead?

It's time to move on, I know. He's restless, ready for something harder, something new. I'm excited to go back to school and actually achieve measurable results again. 

It's just that I feel like I know how to do this now. If I could start over at the beginning today, I think I'd be pretty good at it. If life only worked like that. If there were some other way to live than relentlessly forward.

I reached out and shook his hand, and my voice only cracked a little bit.

"Raphael, you have officially finished eighth grade. You are hereby promoted to ninth grade, and out of homeschool. Good luck, well done, and I cannot wait to see what you do next."

And with that, we took the last step in this long, lovely journey.

And into the next one.



Congratulations to you both!



My oldest is graduating from high school this week & I will probably borrow your "Good luck, well done & I cannot wait to see what you do next." line. But I'll probably have to write in her card because just THINKING about saying those (very, very true) words to her makes my eyes water. So proud & excited for her, because this is what we have been raising her to do for the last 18.5 years, but how can she just up & move to college? Isn't she still a toddler, or 6 year old?

Mary Jo

What made you decide not to homeschool Sophia?


My oldest graduated a few weeks ago from high school. Him being gone away at college this fall freaks me out. The whole family dynamic will change when it's just his three younger sisters left at home. I'm not sure who is going to have the hardest time adjusting, they all adore him & are so close. I'm practicing not crying, if being in denial counts toward that lol

hope your summer has been a good one so far. We are hungry for updates from you!

So excited for YOU going back to school yourself. Have you already gotten classes lined up?


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