Today was such a day.
The hope of empty arms

One week, three pictures, various levels of success.

This week Max finally got his driver's permit. In case you're wondering, the lateness of the getting of said permit is cruel and unusual punishment, and clearly illuminates the horror and pain of being our child.

Also in case you're wondering, a new driver's permit goes a long way toward overcoming that particular kind of suffering.



Also this week, Raphael went for a different look.


Whenever he walks into the room, I say, "Awww...why so blue?"

That just never stops being funny. Never.


This morning Sophia woke up nearly an hour and a half early. That's 1.5 hours. 90 minutes. As one who is not yet adjusting to the early morning school start as she is, I am a little bitter about this. Anyhow, since she was up early (although still a little groggy, because morning is really not her best time), she decided to get herself all dressed and ready for the day. Usually I present her with her clothes when she finishes her breakfast, because the uniform at her school is sort of complicated and confusing. But this morning she figured it all out (with only a smattering of questions bellowed from her bedroom), and presented herself to me, ALL READY TO GO.


She was just. so. proud. 



Oh how I love pictures of your kids, there is so much of you in all of them! And the stories you share... Glad you managed to head a child services investigation off by getting that permit for Max, Love Raphael's color ventures & Sophia's getting dressed ALL BY HERSELF is PRICELESS! Now how are Tre & Clay?

Hope you're hanging in there gf, I've been so busy I don't know which way is up. Check in here though- so no pressure to write as much as you can but I so look fwd to your posts!


I've looked at the photos here several times and giggle each and every time. Kids have a way of keeping things glad you are blessed with as much reality as I am.

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