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First day of school - emotional breakdown edition

Okay, so this school year? I have four kids going to four different schools. Let's set aside for the moment how much I spent on school supplies. My lord. No, let's just look for a moment at these kids.

First day of school 13 017

Tre here? Is a senior. He keeps telling me this means something important is happening at the end of the year, but lalalalalala I can't hear him, sunrise, sunset, STOP. He is pretty sure the world belongs to him. 

First day of school 13 014

Max is starting high school. He's not only starting high school, but he's done with homeschooling. I am a shade bereft about that. I'm going to miss having him around, making his brother insane every day. Also? We both forgot to pack him lunch this morning, so I sent him off to his first day of high school with a gas station burrito. Yeah. I'm pretty much here to make everyone else feel good about themselves.

First day of school 13 027

Speaking of the brother who is driven insane, Raphael went back to his Monday school program today. He's going into seventh grade. That alone is a little bit of a trauma. But it's also his first year of homeschooling without any brothers. We're going to have a lot of freedom to do what's most important to him. I'm really looking forward to it, and a tiny bit terrified. Seventh grade. I'm just saying.

First day of school 13 030

And Sophia here started preschool today. When I dropped her off, she was all wide-eyed wonder. I helped her find her cubby and hang up her backpack. She found her seat and started writing her name on her paper. I said good-bye and started to leave, but paused. She was so distracted, I was afraid she hadn't heard me and would look up in a few minutes and be upset that I was gone.

"Sophia?" I whispered, touching her arm. She looked around at me, startled.

"Why are you still here?" she wanted to know.

So. I think she's going to be okay.

I, however, am a wreck.


Tonya Swink

It's the worst, I tell you. My oldest will be leaving for college next week (OMG), I will have one sophomore, two freshmen, one 7th grader and a 1st grader. Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat 90 times.


I can't believe Raphael is in 7th grade. He'll always be about 7 in my mind. I think the youngest ones starting school is the toughest. Makes me weepy just thinking about it, and I'm glad I don't have to go through it again.


Wow, just wow. Mine start school next week. Both of them would have responded the same way as Sophia, years ago (and I guess now, too, if I still followed them to their desks on the 1st day, haha. Picture that, they're in 11th & 8th grades now.)

I thought of you today when I was watching Good Morning America & saw a story about flash flooding in CO, but assume you're not in danger if you're posting & sending the kids off to school. =)

Rachel in ND


*petpetpet* There, there. I'm sorry that my main reaction to this post was, "Oooh, Max got new frames! Nice!!" Because ALSO I was feeling very sorry for you. Yes.


My mother still talks about how when she took me to school the first day, I walked around came back and told her "you can go now". I was the one child who LOVED school. The others, who were upset the first day, were a trial for the remaining 12 years. So hopefully Sophia will also love school.


*pat pat pat brave rabbits* And speaking of rabbits, Who is trying to Bunny Ears Tre??? And speakign of brave, Lookit your brave crew, grinning as they go! I empathize. MY OWN MAISY is in MIDDLE SCHOOL. I am beyond horrified. Let's get a bunch of Cheetos and do Hot Cheeto Yoga, which is totally a thing.


You did good mom....breath deep!


I sent MY baby off to 7th grade yesterday. He did great. I did less so. And my FIRST baby? Started her junior year of high school. This is so unfair. Because now, I also have catch my breath at how fast time goes because YOUR baby is starting preschool. And I'm just some stalkerish blog reader! How must you feel if that photo made MY eyes tear up!?! It's all too much, the fastness of the time. SLOW DOWN, darnit.


best thing about being the only one being homeschooled? you have mom's undivided attention. worst thing? you have mom's undivided attention...

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