It's too much

All my powers

This morning Sophia came padding into my room. She prefers to begin every day by tucking herself up next to me, wrapping my arm around her sleep-warm form, and discussing...everything. All the things. Every facet of all the things. 

This morning she twirled her hair with one hand and kicked her feet lazily in the air. 

"Mom? When you were a little girl, like me, could you run faster than the wind?"

I thought about that, and remembered a day when my feet skimmed the ground, when I could feel myself moving so fast that any moment I would land, palm and knee hard on the ground...or I would surely fly.

"Yes," I said, "yes I could run faster than the wind."

"Oh." She kicked her feet and admired them, lit up pink in the morning sun above her. "But Mom? I came and I took all your powers."

Very nearly true, my girl. But that's okay with me.

July13 040

Because you make such good use of them.




And we would gladly give them up to them wouldn't we? Sooooo precious that child is!


So very sweet!

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