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Random things that are bothering me tonight

I was sitting outside Sophia's room tonight, shushing her, because the child will happily talk until dawn if you don't shut that show down. And later it struck me that one of the things she'd asked was, "Mom? Will GLUE stick to KITTIES?"

And now that question is haunting me.


Speaking of things Sophia has to say, tonight she followed me into the bathroom and was admiring my panties. Before I had much of a chance to feel pretty, though, she followed that up with the observation that my bottom is fat. 

"Hey," I said mildly, "it's not very nice to talk about someone's body like that."

"Oh," she said, "sorry. But Mom. Look at it."

And that is both true, and very bad advice. Bless her.


I remember when I was a wee pup of a teen, noticing the scaly feet of non-pup-aged women. Ugh, I would think, in process of laying down some karma to come back to me today, why can't they just put some lotion on their feet? Is it THAT HARD?

Now, as a 42-year-old woman, I can say with authority, yes. It is THAT HARD.


Hey, would you all like me to tell you the story of Clay's and my courtship? Heh. Makes it sound like he showed up on a Sunday afternoon in his fringe-topped surrey, doesn't it? Anyhow, I realized that I never really talked about it here, and I was wondering if anyone was interested. I'm assuming I'd end up with a book contract, like the Pioneer Woman. Because that's exactly how that works, right?


Two thing happened a few weeks ago: Raphael turned twelve, and the next day this blog turned ten. TWELVE! And TEN! Blows my mind, both of them. And I need to write up a birthday post about my elderly twelve-year-old son, but the only decent pictures I have of his birthday are on Max's camera, and I don't know how to work it and he's gone at camp. I am a complete failure at pictures. This is probably the main reason I don't have a book contract yet. That and the fact that I've never written any books. 



Yes, we'd like to hear about your courtship. And for pictures, I'll bet one of your other kids could figure out how to get them off the camera and onto the blog. Kids tend to be very useful for stuff like that.

Rachel in ND

Ditto what Katherine said. =)



I don't know what's with me and the caps lock today. Too much coffee, probably. Also: You are writing. Regularly. This makes me happy.



Of course I want to hear about your courtship!

Salome Ellen

Courtship stories -- absolutely!


"Would you all like me to tell you the story of Clay's and my courtship?" Dude. That's like, right up there with, "Anyone up for a free hot donut?"


Yes, I would love to hear about your courtship.


Please, with sugar on top


I'd love to hear about your fringe-topped surrey. But now it's bothering me that Max doesn't have his camera at camp. :)


Yes - courtship story sounds perfect!

Shelly in Austin

Courtship story! Hurray!


do tell, please.


Ummm, Yes! Please, please, please.


We love to hear everything you have to say and even the stuff you don't want to say. You have such a gift with words & we all anxiously await your every post. Really. Hugs. And glue free kitties!

Jessica (the celt)

One of my favorite things in the world is to ask people to tell me their "falling in love story" after I know them fairly well. While I don't know you well, I still wouldn't turn down a real-life "how we fell in love" story. (I might be a closet romantic...but don't tell anyone!)


Hey, this is a very exciting moment for me. No, not about courtship. Please tell about it, of course. Kira, you are a great writer and an insightful person and your readers care about you!

But my exciting moment is about dry heels (the heels on feet, not men who are heels).

I know how to fix this! I had them too, and thought they were inevitable, and it's EASY. Okay, now I feel silly. I should just email you privately.

But here goes. Every time you shower, scrub your feet/heels firmly with a soapy washcloth. (I keep one that's just for feet.) Give it a couple weeks, then see if your stupid skin on your heels is not 99 percent improved. Then use lotion when you get out of the shower. That's it! No pumice, no nothing special.

I was washing my feet with soap, but not scrubbing with a washcloth because it makes my skin itch if I do that all over. (Did I need to share that? It just sounds like I didn't even wash my feet before!)

Good luck! Report back! Yes, I'm bossy. I was probably a Sophie-like child.

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