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Notes to self - Christmas edition

Pinterest is a lie. For others it is a source of great ideas and lovely crafts. For you it is a sinkhole of disappointment and a showcase for your lack of talent. No, you do not have a good idea to make that craft easier. No. No you don't. Shhhhhh. No.

If you have been sucked in by Pinterest (lieeeeeeees), and you need a picture resized, do not bother with Walgreens. They would have an easier time turning lead into gold. If you're lucky, you'll get an enthusiastic young woman who is determined to help you, printing out copy after copy of your picture. In the same size. Every time. Ever decreasing photo QUALITY, but the size does not change. And she will not stop trying, or talking about the next thing she is going to try. At this point you realize that you are not, in fact, lucky.

Dad. Talk to Dad. He can totaly handle it. Srsly.

Hey, do yourself a favor. Don't even bother to look up the last date to mail packages. Because you're going to never get it done until probably too late, and then make yourself crazy, and cry. It's December 1 next year. Yes. Yes it is. Shhhh. Yes.

Sometimes? It snows. In December. Remember this when you're leaving EVERYTHING until the very LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT.

Christmas makes your children insane. I think it's a common issue. Becuase it seems to have made your husband insane too. And your dog. And remember that lady at Walgreens? Geez. Everyone seems to be insane. You should be careful.

Go to bed now. It will all be okay, because Christmas is actually a beautiful celebration of God's love, manifested to a broken world. It's not, in fact, a test. Everything will be fine. Yes. Yes it will. Shhhhhh. Yes.



Can I borrow this line - Christmas is not a test - as a springboard for a post? If I credit you?


Pinterest is the devil. GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN!


Hugs! Administer chocolate and a good book (to read, that is). Step away from the pinterest!

Jill W.

Amen, sister!


That insanity of Christmas - I love it. It comes more naturally to some of us, you know.

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