It's like that old saying - gross ears, sweet heart.
Space and light. Lots of light.

To sum up: remodeling is ridiculous, moving is magical

Do y'all notice how I haven't mentioned the new house lately? It's been such a morass of renovation and hassle that I couldn't figure how to write about it without boring myself to sleep and risking a concussion when my head hit the desk. And I'm told that doesn't make for riveting prose. 

Besides, it's been so ridiculous. Do you know we've planned to move in every month since MAY? Seriously. And the setbacks and nonsense - I figured I wouldn't get into it all, because if you've never remodeled a house, you wouldn't believe me, and if you have remodeled a house, you already know how it is.

Ridiculous. That's how it is. 

So after all the past months of thinking we'd be moving soon, and then not moving, you'll understand when I tell you that it took me by surprise. You know, when I realized we're actually moving. Friday.

We're...moving. FRIDAY. Clay just asked me how high on my list of priorities was "heat." Ha! HAHAHAHA! This is going to be JUST FINE! HAHAHAHA!

I'm sitting on the couch, being menaced by a stack of boxes, and from where I sit, I can see 27 solid hours of packing to be done. I'm not even thinking about the downstairs. I don't understand how this can be, when we live in a house of a size that would make Polly Pocket herself look around and sniff, "What, this is it?" But there you have it. Moving is magical. 

So if we survive, I'll catch you on the other side. Look for a whole series of before/after shots, which won't be exciting either, but you'll LOOK at them and LIKE it. 

Prayers, please. *whimper*



Oh HOW EXCITING!! We built a house several years ago so YES I FEEL YOUR PAIN... but I am SO excited for the thrill you get moving into your new place. Aside from the packing. I would LOVE to see before & after shots!
And heat is just a formality, completely unnecessary. My parents built a house and the doorknobs never arrived so we had red & green tea towels we'd stick thru the doorknob HOLES to alert others that a certain room, say the BATHROOM was occupied. Craziness, but such great memories!
Happy Housewarming!!

Jan in Norman, OK

First thing you do is make the beds in the new house. Then everyone can collapse at the end of the day.


Ugh. Moving is a pain. We just did it in March, and even though I am a staunch and fearless get-rid-of-er, things still accumulate. Good Luck. When it's over you'll be happy.

Jill W.

Gah! I hate moving. Prayers for you that it goes smoothly. And congratulations on the new house.


We keep talking about downsizing now that the kids are gone - this house is just too big for the two of us. We will make plans, and then more plans and it all makes perfect sense. Until the part where we realize that "moving = packing". Then we lay down for a bit until the feeling passes and we are good again. Sadly, we are in the planning stage again....hope we come to our senses soon.

Connie Martin

On the positive side, just think of all the room you'll have to put all those 27 boxes of stuff in! Wish I could be there to help. Love and lots of prayers. Mom/Gram


Moving is hell. Having moved is great! So, congrats in advance for Friday night, and I hope the time in between is bearable.

Shelly S

Is it wrong that I kinda laughed out loud when I read about the priority of heat? That's sounds like something my husband would ask.


Ooh I love before and after pictures.

Lots of luck with the move


Heavens above is renovating a pain! When we renovated our house, my dad lived with us in our 2 bedroom apartment...for six months. Good luck with the move! After moving seven times in five years, I know exactly what kind of pain that is!


As someone who has been renovating a house for the last three years... congratulations!! I am ready to trade boring renovation war stories any time you want.


I shudder to think what I would do without you. I laughed out loud like three different times reading this and it's only a few paragraphs. Good luck!


Hmmmm.....looks like moving won....


Surely you've unpacked every box, hung every picture & had time to take plenty of pics for your post this evening? Hahahahahaha
Hope you maintained some shred of sanity through your move. Those first several weeks in a new home truly are great fun!
We miss you!


Moving must be magical because you've disappeared!

Sorry - just thought of that and had to post. Hope you get back to us, soon!!

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