Shine, baby, shine
No place like it


Don't tell anyone, but I've run away from home. Not far, mind you. I'm in a hotel room, not even on the other side of town. And not for long, either, because I'm going home Saturday. But for right now? I am sitting all alone in a quiet room. There is chocolate. It will not be shared.

When I told my mom about my plans to run away, she said, mock-scolding, "You are going to miss your family, you know."

And I said YES, of course! And what a gift - a chance to miss my family!

So tonight I'm resting, in a quiet room, all alone. And in a few days I'll dive back into the chaos and joy that is home, and hopefully by then I'll have soaked up enough of this peace to take it with me. 

Now, I'm going to go take a bath. Oh yes, I am. 



Ohhhhhhh girlfriend enjoy every single second of blissful solitude... while you miss your family like crazy indulging in chocolates all to yourself, bathing and using the powder room at your leisure and HOPEFULLY sleeping in past the crack of dawn :)


Good for you! The rest is hugely deserved, I am SURE. You'll be a better, happier wife and mama for it :)






Good for you! May you get blissfull sleep, uninterrupted baths, and maybe even read a chapter or two!


I think what I missed most when my kids were little was uninterrupted bathroom time. As soon as that door closed, there was always someone who needed something. Hope your get away vacay was enjoyable.


That is the best idea I ever heard!


I did it once, five years ago. It was the best 2 days. I hope you enjoyed it and felt refreshed when you returned home!


Okay - you've had your vacation. Where's our blog?

Jan in Norman, OK

Hope you didn't slip down the plug-hole in the tub!


it can be nice sometimes, i think civilization doesn't let us to be alone as much as we need

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