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Sorry to disappear! Here I was, supposed to come home, all renewed and refreshed, possibly full of wise insights I'd gleaned from my time alone (note to self: don't expect a great deal of new insight when your company You pretty much already know what you have to say). Instead, I fell completely silent, leaving a few people wondering if I ever came back at all.

Yes, friends, yes, I came home. I was delighted with my well-rested self, and ever so happy to see my loving family, and ready to tackle love and life at home...and nursing a tiny tickle of a wee cold in my throat.

Can you guess what happened next? Can you? I got SICK. MISERABLE. Coughing, snotting, bleary-eyed, disgustingly ill. Clay must have gazed upon my glassy-eyed, mouth-breathing beauty and patted himself on the back for having the idea to give me a weekend away. "Why didn't I do this sooner?" he asked himself, I'm sure, "when I sent away my lovely but stressed wife and got back this oozing swamp creature of a life partner?"

The best part, of course, was the hourly coughing jags that kept me up all night. Because we all love those, don't we? But then Sophia got in on the act. Not with the cold, but with sleep follies. Just now I was talking to Clay about Sophia's sleep problems, and I suggested maybe it's time to see a sleep specialist. He said, "Why? She doesn't sleep." Oh, it's a good thing I think he's almost as funny as he does.

So anyhow, one of the flavors of Sophia's sleep problems is where she hallucinates. Yes, really. So there we are, with Sophia tucked in between us (what, you're going to leave the hallucinating child all alone with her spiders?), randomly slapping the bugs off our faces. When she settles down, I am gripped by a coughing spasm. I fumble for my cough drops, water, ANYTHING to make it stop, tears streaming. Sophia glares at me, her hands clapped firmly over her ears. Because *I* am the annoying one to sleep with here. On the far edge of the bed, clinging to the generous six inches of sleeping space he's left with, Clay is thanking God that he ever met me and traded the bachelor's life for all this joy.

I have to say, though, that despite the fact that I am currently so tired that I could happily sleep for a month, I still feel better for having taken the time away. On a level that has nothing to do with sleep debt, I really am refreshed. It's good to know my family can survive without me. It's great to know they really don't want to. Something about getting away from home, just for a bit, clarifies for me just where home is. 



welcome back! I too had a child who suffered from hallucinations.... only his were more of the screaming in fright, running out the front door, begging not to be taken away variety. Fun times to be sure. The ironic part is he is very much looking forward to his annual stint at the local haunted house come October. Happily he out grew the night terrors and now happily terrorizes others! :)


My daughter is 19 and has had sleep issues all her life. You can imagine how fun this is for her college roommate. (Luckily, she is wonderful. And a sound sleeper.) The problem is not only the night time weirdness, but also that the sufferer never really gets a deep, satisfying sleep. I wish I would have gotten help for her sooner. Just my 2 cents. :)


Try this for your throat and cough :

I wish I could come over and help you out for a while.


Feel better soon!

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Love your blog and thank you for sharing it with me. Your writing style has an infectious (in a good way) feeling of life, laughter and energy that makes me smile. I can’t help but smile, when i read it..


Well, that sounds like the textbook ending to a moms ultra rare restful retreat....
Hope you feel better ASAP & that precious Sophia gets some rest (so that others may too) & God bless your adorable Clay.
We always miss you when you're gone!


My niece, now 16, had hallucinations about spiders also, (poison dripping venomous spiders) both when she was awake and asleep. My sister determined it was a symptom of her OCD.
Hope you are feeling better.

Glenn M.

thank you for sharing your thoughts!
I hope you are feeling better now.


What I find so itneretsing is you could never find this anywhere else.

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