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Try not to be jealous

Just so you know, Sophia is now available to give manicures. Her rates are very reasonable (she really just wants to play with your nail polish and line up the bottles with many exclamations over how pretty they are), and her work? Well, it speaks for itself:

July 012

I've been walking around with this on my toes all afternoon. I feel absolutely lovely.



Ha ha! That's approximately as well as I do with my toes.


I hope you gave her a nice tip! She did a fabulous job.


Ditto what Swistle said! Looks like the job I do on my own toes!


If you squint your eyes you can see the polish job is absolute perfection.


Hey if you'll let Sophia hook me up with a pedi my wee one will be happy to take care of the mani end. I'm going to email you a pic because the two go together perfectly! LOL

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