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You alone

Not exactly the problem.

Oh y'all. I am So Tired. I'll try not to make this too boring, but let me sum it up: crazy early morning followed by late night because of a trip to pick up Max at camp, followed by two nights of disrupted sleep for Sophia, plus Clay is out of town for work, topped off with a feverish Sophia kicking me in the ribs all last night = mama who is wondering if she's the only one who just saw that cartoon roadrunner dash through the living room.

We had to cancel a get-together with friends today, on account of the sickness and roadrunners. Sophia didn't understand this, because the day was supposed to end at the pool and duh, it is not winter, so why wouldn't we go to the pool?

"Well, we need to stay home and take it easy, because you're a little sick," I explained.

"But why I am sick?"

"Because your body is fighting some germs, and so you have a fever."

"But why is my body having germs?"

This went on for a while, as you can imagine. Finally, I convinced her that we were, in fact, staying home. This was almost too much for her glassy-eyed, pink-cheeked little self to bear, and she asked if she could at LEAST call her daddy. That seemed reasonable, so we did.

"DAD," she said mournfully when he answered, "I am being SICK." She listened for a minute, then answered, "Because my body is doing some germs." Another pause, nodding along in sorrow, "We are not going swimming. Because I have a beaver."

Well. Not exactly. 




Okay, this made me giggle, and I was in serious need of some humor...thanks! :-)



Ohhhhhhh you are SOOOOO not alone!
Hope the wee one feels better ASAP :)


Ah, we also have beavers here. And I will be calling them that forevermore. Thank you for the laugh and the new word!


I have died of the cute.


I will be randomly giggling about this the rest of the day.

'because I have a beaver"



gotta love the unintentional hilarity of the small. Hope everyone feels better soon. Preferably without any beavers.

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