Raphael, still my boy



Oh... dear. Zenni Optical for backups. Trust me. :)


ZENNIOPTICAL, 2nd vote! We bought the cheapest possible pair at Walmart ($39), then went home and ordered six more pairs from Zenni for less than $50 total. He's broken two so far; at $8 a pair, I don't have to freak out.


That would be the exact reason why my 11 year old got contacts. I was tired of the trips to the eye doctor.


I've got 2 out of 5 with glasses. I get them thru my eye dr and the office offers a replacement plan. Worth every single cent.


Ask me HOW MANY TIMES A DAY we play the famous parlor game, "Has anyone seen Emma's glasses???"


Wow - longer than you expected, right? Honestly? Wait until they have retainers.

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