It seems to be "someday" already
Okay enough

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

We went to the zoo. ALL of us (Clay even took a day off work - not just his for-reals, paid job, but off working on the house. That right there is DEVOTION).

It was hot and sort of sticky, and by the middle of the day we were all pretty tired. So of course, this makes sense:

Zoo 019

Goober of a great big teenager.

Sophia took this picture of an ostrich.

Zoo 012

It was her favorite part of the whole trip. 

There was much horseplay and nonsense. I call this one,

"Look, Mom, I can touch!"

"Look, Mom, I can almost touch!"


Zoo 030

Eventually all the heat made it necessary to stop for ice cream.

Zoo 040

And snow cones the size of a child's head. Think I'm kidding? Peep this:

Zoo 052

I swear this kid here was given an ice cream cone something like twelve seconds before this picture was taken. Also, that thing next to his face is the handle of the wagon because he was STILL lolling in it.

Zoo 044

Max opted for a root beer float.

Zoo 046

Did I mention he's 13?

All in all, we had a lovely day. There's a new, fancy elephant exhibit at our zoo, and it was great. But even better was spending the day with Clay and these goobers here:

Zoo 007

So cool the ostrich tried to get in the picture too. 



I, uh, don't want to alarm anyone, but I'm calling it:

Max is going to be taller than Tre.

(Sorry, buddy. I have to say I am totally digging your hair a bit longer, though. Those curls are girl-magnets, mark my words.)


You have really really handsome kids! I only hope mine still want to hang out with us when they are great big teenagers!

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