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What it's like having a newly licensed driver in the family.

Having a newly licenced driver in the family changes things. For instance, you would not believe how many errands a 16 year old boy has to run every day after school. It is boggling.

Fortunately, gas prices are so low...oh, wait. Well, that's okay, because we have so much money left over after paying But I guess it really helps us save up to get Tre his own car...hmmm. I guess it's a good thing that remodeling a house is such a cash-positive endevor. Ha! Ha ha! *headdesk*

When I get in my van after he's used it, the seat is moved back about a mile. I think he's mocking me.

And the radio station is always changed. And loud. And the bass is turned waaaaaaay up, so when I switch it to NPR, the timbre of the announcer's voices makes my doors rattle.

Okay, it's actually all the junk stuffed in the door compartments. Shaddup.

I know how old this next part makes me sound, okay? I know it's not original, that Grok's father grunted with irritation when Grok pounded two rocks together rhythmically, because HE didn't need that noise when HE was young. Running from saber-toothed tigers was PLENTY FUN ENOUGH FOR HIM. But. Have you heard of Dubstep? Better yet, have you HEARD Dubstep? It's...mostly it's just synthesizer-ish repetitive dance music, with questionable lyrics, and then randomly they insert a sound like a screwdriver being dropped in a blender. It makes my eyelid twitch.

This evening Tre was driving me somewhere, and a "song" came on, and the lyrics said something like, "I totally drank too much last night," and Tre reached over and turned it down.

"You know," I said, "I think I can handle it."

"Are you sure?" he asked, without a trace of sarcasm.

And that is what it's like, having a newly licensed driver in the family. It's kind of great.



We are there in 3 years. I sit at your feet, learning.


I am SO not looking forward to this. I'm glad you're doing it first.


The absolute best part is making them grocery shop and pick up siblings. Now if he would just work more to get his own car on the road.


My learner's permit boy plays Dubstep at every opportunity and I am TOO OLD for that noise. [she harrumphed, gesticulating with her cane]


I think kids today like the sound of screwdrivers being blended. Makes me yearn for the good ole days of Devo.

Amma Always

I just now, JUST NOW, remembered when Tre was a baby, and we used to talk about him driving someday - along the lines of "What are we going to do? We can't turn this baby loose in the great wide world in a car?!" And then we would stare at each other dumbfounded. Eventually I would assure you that when the time came for him to drive, we would be ready. The time was not here yet, so clearly we didn't have to deal with it. But we would be ready when the time came. And we would nod at each other wisely.

Ummmm, I might have been wrong about that. But I must say, you are handling this well - giving him just enough rope to... wait, wrong metaphor. You are giving him just enough space to grow and develop as a young man. I'll be over tonight to steal the tires off of all your cars. I can't handle this. You, however, are doing fine.


Dubstep makes me think of the sound the dial up modems used to make. Only less soothing.

Carrie (in MN)

I'm right in the middle of this with you. Loud music I would never ever listen to...check. Seat back so far I can't even touch the pedals with my tippy toes...check. Loving every minute of this man/child who used to be my little boy...check.


I live in a big city so for me driving a car is absolutely unacceptable: traffic is crazy and gas is not that cheap. And by the way: i am a tiny person so can't touch the pedals - yeah...

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