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An Open Letter to the Anti-Abortion Protesters I Passed This Afternoon

School year wrap up

As of today, all the children in our house are DONE with school year 11/12! Can I get a WOOOHOOOO? So I thought I'd finish up the year with a look at how each kid is doing.

Tre made the Dean's List. Again. Could I be any more annoying with my smugness? He is lovely and good, that child, and I am delighted by him. He is mostly delighted by his girlfriend. I said to him, sort of teasing, "The two of you look at each other like you invented light." He laughed and replied, "We did." He said it like he was joking, but I don't think he was, entirely.

Memorial day 12 030
But his girlfriend isn't the only one with whom he is smitten. 

Now all he needs is a summer job and a car, and the world is pretty much his oyster. 

Max had a slightly rough school year, mostly because...okay, because Max is 13. And he is wonderful and smart and funny and strong, but he is also 13. I'm just saying.

Memorial day 12 020
He is, whether he knows it yet or not, something of a super hero. And he totally rocked math this year.


Raphael has been, by turns, the most adorable, sweet boy and a great big pill. I was talking to a friend today who said, "Yeah. Fifth grade. Those kids are impossible." I'm so glad next year we have sixth grade to look forward to, instead. HA! HA HA HA!

Memorial day 12 019
He is still obsessed with origami, and folds the most amazing things. He's made huge improvements in writing and not pitching a fit at math. He still likes to go places with his mom, and I truly appreciate that.

Finally, Sophia mostly would like to be held. By whomever is not currently holding her.

Memorial day 12 008
She is busy and attitudinal, and the other day she wrote this:

End of school 010
(That says "Mommy" and "Sophia." CLEARLY.)

She is obviously brilliant. Yes, I am still being annoyingly smug. I can't help it - my kids are great. And I declare this school year a success and this class here:

Memorial day 12 016

Memorial day 12 018
(It's a relief to everyone.)




I dunno - 12 has been PRETTY rough for my guy. I'm hoping 13 is easier - but I'm so not holding my breath.

I wish we could get your boys together with mine. I think we'd never hear from them again.

And my girls would hold Sophia allllllldayyyyylonggggggg.

Jan in Norman, OK

Congratulations to all!


Smooches to all. Extra smooches to whomever it embarrasses the most.

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