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Pick the caption

I think this picture could be captioned one of three ways:

Memorial day 12 045

1) - Awww! 

2) - If she would just sleep at night, like a normal human being, then she wouldn't be suddenly overtaken by sleep while being read a book by her big brother, leaving us holding our breaths, waiting for the inevitable rage when she wakes up and realizes what happened.


3) - Who put great big man hands at the end of my little Max's arms? 



I would like to go with:

D. All of the above (and yes I AM aware I added a letter and not a numeral).

Amma Always

I love the trusting way her one arm is curled around Max's neck. Says worlds about him as a big brother.


I don't know if you're aware of this, but that kid looks a LOT like you. Wowza.

(Not the man hands, though. You have dainty little hands. But it occurs to me I maybe haven't seen him since his bite was corrected, and I KNOW THAT CHIN.) :)


I'm with Laura, Number D. =)


Or 4) Who took Max and left a man??? I can't believe how much he has changed since the last photo I saw.


Doesn't matter how you caption it - it's just pure love right there. Amazing how much love siblings can have for each other. As the mom of so many siblings, I am heartened to see the love. Hope my kids move out of the hating each other stage and into that loving stage in the near future!

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