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There is no easy way to say this.

My latest best idea

I had a BRILLIANT idea today. I'm good at those. The ideas. I have one that's worth at least a million dollars, I swear I do. It's the doing anything about the ideas that I lack. 


My idea starts here: have you ever gotten one of those magical boxes of Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats (who doesn't love these? You are dismissed) that had a little extra frosting? So when you pour the milk and the shredded wheat part gets a little soft, the frosting still maintains a gentle crunch, making your cereal-eating experience well nigh perfect?

Well, here's my idea! Kellogg's should TOTALLY make Extra Frosted Mini-Wheats! I would buy them. And I think you would too. Come on, you would, wouldn't you? And on Facebook, we would all complain about it, "OH did you see this TRAVESTY of a breakfast cereal? Who needs MORE FROSTING in this world? What we need is EXTRA WHEAT Mini-Wheats!" 

And then they could make the extra wheat kind too, so when I pour myself a bowl of the extra frosting kind, I can take it and hide in my room to eat it. And when the kids bang on my door to ask if I'm eating the cereal with the extra frosting, I can bellow back, "NO! Go eat your EXTRA WHEAT MINI-WHEATS!"

Kellogg's is welcome to take my brilliant idea for free. That's how much of a giver I am.

And to answer your questions: Yes, I am feeling a bit less nauseated. What are you eating RIGHT NOW? Are you going to finish that? And no, I am not going insane, even though it is snowing and there is supposed to be something crazy like a foot of snow by morning and Tre's school is already cancelled. I'm fine. 

And FULL of good ideas.



I would completely buy extra-frosting mini-wheats. Also: extra-salt potato chips.

Karate Mom

THAT is pure genius!! I'd buy them for sure!

I remember sitting in the bathtub when I was about 10, getting ready to wash my hair, and thinking, "It would be SO much easier if they just combined shampoo and conditioner in one bottle!" Lo, and behold, a few years later, here comes Pert Plus, shampoo and conditioner in one! I've always been kinda bummed that I didn't get credit for that bit of genius!


When I was eating cereal full time (like every meal...I was a broke college student), I would literally go thorough my Malt-o-meal knock off of frosted mini-wheats and pick out the ones with the most frosting some days. So, I would totally buy the extra frosting ones!


The wheat is just the vehicle for the frosting, right?


This pregnant lady would buy them. The extra frosting ones, not the extra wheat ones. I'm eating fruit salad, goldfish crackers and tuna-mac. Yeah, it's Lunch #2. And yes, if I don't finish mine, you are welcome to my leftovers.


We buy the generic frosted mini wheats, and they are like extra-wheat ones. And they don't have HFCS. Or something.


This sounds more like a frantic rant that I would throw out there and not the poetic writ I'm used to devouring when I come here. I LIKE IT.

Emily Hedges

You are my soul-sister. I've been saying this for years. My family thinks I'm weird.

Emily Hedges

Oh, one more thing...I have found that the Frosted Mini Wheats you buy in the industrial size at Costco all have heavy frosting. They must be packaged at a different plant, in a much more generous area of the world.

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