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And now you know...the REST OF THE STORY. Sort of.

I got an email today from a friend from inside the computer (Hi, Kary!), who mentioned that she was checking here regularly for updates about Max. And that shook me out of my stupor, because gah, what a jerk am I? Here I invite you all to follow me off a cliff of anxiety, and then I disappear without finishing the story. I'm sorry.

I guess the problem is that I don't know the end of the story yet. The good news is that Max's EEG came back normal. Normal! As in fine! 

See now, I feel like an ass, because I should be happier about this. But something IS going on with Max, and I don't have any answers, and I think we all know that moms have all the answers, always. Ha ha, I know *I* usually do! HA! Right? Just like the rest of you seem to? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm not malfunctioning or anything!

For now we're keeping a diary of "events" and hoping not to see anything. And then we'll wander away and pretend like none of this ever happened. Sound good to you?

Seriously, though, thank you for all your kind words and concern. The lot of you made me cry, more than once. Just because I'm pregnant and have been known to burst into tears over such touching moments as the end of the toilet paper roll does not undermine that fact ONE BIT. Love you all.



Oh no, I just checked back here after an absence and... goodness. What has been going on? I so hope everything is heading in a more comforting direction for you, Max, your friend, and her daughter. Love to all of you.

Jill W.

Glad you let us know. I have been checking in everyday too.

Hope you get it figured out soon and that is nothing serious.


Well it's hard to be overjoyed with a normal EEG when you have other potential concerns hanging over your head...
And you're not a jerk at all- you just appropriately circled your wagons & focused on your family as any mom would do.
Still praying everything gets resolved quickly & easily...
Hang in there!


thanks for the update!

Jilly Jill

We have been wondering as well how things are going with Max! Love you all & are keeping you in our prayers for an answer that Max is "ok". PS Doug says:"she's pregnant?""


I'm so glad the EEG came back normal. Yay, Max!

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