Part 2: Home
Don't read this if you are suffering from morning sickness or generally have a sensitive stomach. Really.

Part 3: Family

When Jennie was here, I took her and the boys to the mall for black friday. It was a zoo, as you might expect. As we were making our way through the parking lot (after parking in the back 40, after driving around for one solid millennium), we passed a very pregnant woman. She was stepping off a curb, and reached out for the arm of the man accompanying her, because she clearly had no idea where her feet were.

Jennie and I watched her pass in silence, then I leaned over and murmured to her, "Aren't you glad you're not pregnant?" She nodded, and we walked on.

For the first time since I was...probably SEVEN, I genuinely was happy not to be pregnant. Not just because it's a drag to be so unacquainted with your feet, but because since Sophia was born, I have felt content. I could hold babies without feeling the slightest stirrings of "ooooohhh, but just ONE MORE baby?" It was such a relief, because I was convinced that I was going to end up 95 years old, in a nursing home, still pining for just. one. more. baby.

But with Sophia's arrival, I could look at my unruly gang of offspring, and feel...content. It was like waking up from a long mental illness, I swear.

People have asked, occasionally, if we plan on having any more. Mostly they ask with a cringing sort of curiosity, like they're thinking, how crazy is this ride going to get? And I would laugh and assure them, No, we're good. Life is pretty full, after all.

La la la...can we see where this is going?

As it turns out, that day when I made that comment to Jennie, I already was pregnant. As in, I AM pregnant. Due - get this - in July, the week my firstborn turns 17! That never fails to crack me up. 17! And a newborn! This ride is getting VERY CRAZY, thanks!

I am sick as a dog, and three (count them, one, two, three) people have felt it necessary to remind me of Michelle Duggar's miscarriage (the thinking being, I suppose, something along the lines of "Oh, she is almost EXACTLY like Mrs. Duggar, old and with a ridiculous amount of children, so I am certain she will appreciate the heads up." So if I DO lose this baby, my first thought will be "OH THANK GOODNESS THEY WARNED ME!"). Everyone was GOING to have their own room in the new house, but now Sophia and the baby will share, and I keep having these moments where I realize I am going to have to navigate another task that I thought I was done with forever - like finding a diaper bag I don't hate. I am going to be 41 when this baby is born, God willing, and the whole thing is terribly messy and crazy.

And I am delighted. Clay is delighted. The boys are delighted - although hoping for either a boy or a girl with fewer words. Sophia is...puzzled.

Despite all the upending of our plans, and the sickness and my advanced maternal age, I find myself very happy and hopeful. I may not have yearned for this baby, but now that s/he's here, I'm grateful for every day we get together.

It turns out we did need just. one. more.



CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have been reading your blog since five plates and went through and read all of the archives, I love the way you write and look forward to your posts. I have now silently lost my mind. So happy for you and your family.


Congratulations! How wonderful!! Saying a prayer for the new little life inside of you.


Hooray! I just had to pop in to say that my youngest brother was born the day after my 17th birthday, when my mom was 40. And it is a lovely thing. Happy for you!

PS I found your blog via Arwen's, and have been coming back for several years since, because your writing makes me smile.


Congratulations! What huge things you have had in the works! :)


Congratulations!! Such wonderful news, very happy for all of you xx


Congratulations. On the house, the baby, the kids (big and small) and everything else in your life. I too have been reading your blog for years and have enjoyed sharing your journey and I can't wait to hear about the next bit :D

Good luck with everything coming up over the next few months and I wish you and yours a very, very, merry Christmas.


What a wonderful Christmas present! Congratulations!


Congratulations!!! That is wonderful! I find it interesting (ironic?) when we just had 2 kids, I never found myself longing for more. There was much debate over should we stop or try for more. Now that we have 4, and I'm 37, I still wish for another. But we're NOT trying, our plate is full! But I have been quick to say if we had a surprise, I'd be thrilled! :)

Karate Mom

OH! Congratulations!!!!
I started reading your blog just a short time before you announced you were pregnant with Sophia! I'm so glad to get to "watch" your sweet family grow some more!

Amma Always

You got rid of the "Best diaper bag ever"?!


Oh, wow! How spectacular! Congratulations! A very merry Christmas to your wonderful, not so little, family!

fwiw, I WILL be that 95 year old little lady pining for Just. One. More. Baby.


Personally, I plan to find you the perfect "I'm not Grandma, I'm Mom" shirt. Ouch. Stop hitting me!! IT WAS A JOKE!!!

Love you, darlin'.

Amy B.

Congratulations! What a wonderful surprise blessing for you this time of year.




Oh wow...! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so, so happy for you. I knew as soon as I read the fateful words you uttered to Jenny where this was going, so I read the rest of your post with a big old smile on my face.

Merry Christmas!


WOW! Congratulations! So excited for all of you!


WHAT!! WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT!!! This is such a happy, happy surprise to find in the Google Reader this morning! And you totally surprised me: I was thinking maybe it would turn out that JENNIE was pregnant!


ahh, congratulations! Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch! And I'm so looking forward to following your journey.


Oh, that's fantastic!! Congratulations, Kira.


Congratulations!! Sounds like everything is going right along with some kind of plan right now. And since you all didn't plan it...isn't God wonderful?! Giving us what we do and don't ask for, knowing we need it.
I will keep you all in my prayers :)


Congratulations! I have seven in a house with just one bathroom. We just squeeze 'em in wherever we can fit 'em, and we do just long as we have each other! Blessings!

Salome Ellen

CONGRATULATIONS! (Yes, I know I'm yelling, but I can't help it.) So many lovely changes in your life; God is so good!

(Oh, and I had my sixth baby at a month shy of 42 -- keeps me young. ;-D )


Congratulations! That's absolutely wonderful. And I can't wait to hear Sophia stories as she becomes less puzzled.


sadlfjaskldfdsfjas CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is so exciting!


Congratulations!!!! I am pregnant with baby #5 as well due in June - and I'm old too, just shy of 40. I did lose a baby this past Spring, and when I found out I was pregnant now, then Michelle Duggar lost her baby and it's all I've heard about.


Congratulations!!! I am pg with #4 and almost find myself apologetic when I tell people. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well and I hope it means the baby is doing extra well (that is what they say, isn't it? The worse the morning sickness, the healthier the baby)!


Whoa...I totally didn't see that coming heh. (I mean, not before I started reading Congratulations!


Oh oh oh oh hooray! Two huge happy pieces of news on the blog in the same week? It's an embarrassment of riches, really.

I can't wait to see how this new little one blesses your family. God is so good.



Hey, remember me? WE USED TO BE FRIENDS. What? Is happening?!

Julie in Austin

Congratulations! That is wonderful news! Blessings to you for a good and healthy pregnancy! And take a good look at your feet - you might not see them much soon! =)




Congratulations! You have much to celebrate!


Congrats! There's 17 years between my sister and me too. What a blessing for your entire family.


Congratulations!!!!!! I can't wait to read all about it. I am so sorry you are dealing with sickness though, I certainly know how horrible that is. I hope it passes soon and doesn't it get too horrible. But if it does, give me a yell, I know a lot of tricks and a GREAT website for help if it is too horrible.




Kira, I am so thrilled for you. so, so happy.


Pamela L

Congratulations - just 1 more is perfect and you have the greatest family to add to with all the love in the world.


How wonderful, congratulations! I love you all and I wish you nothing but the best!!

Angela Giles Klocke

Kira, what a roller coaster you just sent me on. I scrolled to where I left off in your life, of course, so I'm catching up and my face is tired from smiling. Wowsa! Congrats, Beautiful!!!

Deb Hardison

Oh Kira! Congrats from your cousin and myself! And just so you know, my mom was 41 when I was born, and my oldest brother was 17. We're all completely (mostly) sane and normal. So very happy for you! Love from MN!


KIRA! Congratulations and I truly hope you start feeling better soon. What a Christmas you have had! What a way to tell these three amazing stories!

You are blessed! Enjoy this whole new life that is beginning! So happy for you.

Linda Sherwood

I am so happy for you! I am also very selfish in that this means MORE adorable baby photos to look forward to. :)


What a blessing! Congratulations!

ccr in MA

Congratulations! (Sorry to be late chiming in; I was sick.) Very exciting news!


I'm a bit late to the party but...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Alison C

OMG! My computer was taken away before Christmas for rebuilding and I just got it back. I thought I would check out your blog to see if you had updated and look at what's been happening!

Congratulations on everything new and coming to you xxx


Wow! I've enjoyed catching up with the last couple months of your posts. So much news! Congrats on the baby. Congrats on the new house. Congrats on coming home to the Catholic Church. Sounds like your life is very full.



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