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The toddler and the teen

Sophia was assaulting her Barney doll with hugs and kisses.


"I love Barney," she crooned. "MOM! I LOVE Barney! I LOVE you, Barney!"

"Yes, Sophia," Tre said, not turning around from the computer, "Barney loves you too." (Darkly, sotto voice) "For LUNCH."

"TRE!" I wasn't sure what to accuse him of, but I was pretty sure he was guilty of it.

"What? Mom, he's a DINOSAUR. A CARNIVORE. I'm just saying."

I think I'm in over my head here.




Tre better watch out --- that dinosaur has been known to inspire slavish and fierce devotion in two-year old girls.

The One True josh

I'd take on the dinosaur WAY before I'd go up against the princess.

I'm just saying.

Amma Always

Remember how we used to talk about how weird and icky Barney was?

Jilly Jill

What else would you expect a big brother to say to his baby sister?.... I'm just saying! =D

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