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She is oKAY!

The other morning I was taking a shower, so I was obviously being attended by Sophia, who likes to peek around the edge of the shower curtain and offer commentary. She doesn't understand why I don't wash my hair like she does, lying down in the tub. "Youtakeit a shower, Mommy? You washit you hair? I lie down right there in my bath. I touchit the soap? I takeit a bath, I don't takeit a shower."

Sometimes I think she really worries about my mental capacity.

But I can handle it, because I have two teenaged boys in the house. longer WORRY about my mental capacity. They just hope that I can manage to keep my heart beating long enough to fix supper. So I rocked on with my ablutions, responding to about a third of her questions. "Yes, my hair is wet. No, I don't want my towel yet. It's okay that my hair is wet, honey, really. Yes, I'm naked. Yes, I do have a vagina. Yes, you do too. Right, because we're girls. That's right, you take a bath."

And so on.

As she talked, Sophia leaned over the edge of the tub. She was so engrossed in the conversation (and so bad at physics, I guess), that she didn't realize she was leaning too far. Inevitably, the heft of her 98th percentile head overcame the anchoring effect of her 6th percentile weight, and she tumbled into the tub.

And then OH the wailing! OH the crying and accusing and lamenting and woe!

Eventually I got her calmed down and dried off and we went on with our day. For the rest of the day, however, wherever we went, she told people about her adventure. "Mommy takeit a shower! And I FALL IN da tub! [frowny face, pitiful voice] I cry and cry. Mommy pick me up! [thrilled face, squeaky voice of joy] I oKAY! [hands thrown up in a nearly evangelical expression of delight]"

The performance of her personal drama was almost exactly the same every time. She really couldn't get enough of the story. It had tension, it had drama, it had a satisfying conclusion, and most of all, it had a compelling star. It was GREAT. It was oKAY!

Today I was sitting at the table, reading the newspaper, when Sophia squirmed up into my lap and told me a story about her imaginary friend, Dodo (pronounced just like the extinct bird. She also has a friend, Lady, with whom she has very animated conversations with on the phone. Calculator. Whatever). You will NEVER guess what happened to Dodo! Apparently his mommy was taking a shower! And HE FALL IT IN THE TUB! I don't want to give away the whole story, but suffice to say, in the end he was oKAY!

And I don't really have a point here, except to tell you that this girl of mine? She is a rich natural resource in drama. And she delights me.

April&may11 049 

Yes, her fingernails are purple. I have no excuse for that, except we both like painting her fingernails. And the reason she is wearing that blue dress for 90% of her pictures is because she LIKES THAT BLUE DRESS. The blue dress is oKAY!



Oh, I LOVE that stage! And I love the way she talks!


oKAY! Hilarious!


Yes! I remember...So cute! Mine are now 6...

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