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The other day I was changing Sophia's diaper, and we were having a grand old conversation about poop.

"Daddy poops?" she chirped.

"Yep, your daddy poops."

"An' Tre poops? And Max poops? And Raphi poops? And Mommy poops?"

I swear, I've had this talk with all my children. The only thing that changes is that as the family grows, they have more names to associate with poop. I agreed that yes, everyone poops, we reiterated that Sophia also poops, and I shared the happy news that now she was ALL CLEAN.

"ALL CLEAN!" This is always a joyful occasion. This time she slung her knees up by her ears and waved her newly fresh backside in the air. "It is MY BUTT! ALL CLEAN MY BUTT! LOOKIT MY BUTT!"

Yes, I agreed, it's lovely. Let's put it away now, shall we? I managed to pin her down long enough to strap a fresh diaper on her, swung her down to the floor, and she was off. I followed her out, and was met by Raphael, who was waiting for me.

"Wow," he said, "THAT was an awkward conversation. Why does she have to TALK like THAT?"

And as ridiculous as the whole "LOOKIT MY BUTT" exchange was, it was Raphael's comment that really made me laugh. Because really, Raphael? Shall we stroll down memory lane?



Jill W.

Love it! How soon they forget...

Angela Giles Klocke

Ha ha ha! Also, I love that as I strolled backwards, I found that I outed my daughter about her burping. Which could SO get me killed now that she's 14. *gulp*

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