This is just to say...
roses and thorns

Case in point

Today Sophia was playing in the bubbles at the kitchen sink when I realized A) that we had to leave and B) that she was drenched with sink water. Now, I'm not really one to argue with a two year old. Never negotiate with terrorists or toddlers, that's my policy. Lay out the choices and the consequences, and get 'er done. But I had to get her actual clothes off her actual body, and one doesn't wish to be a bully either.

So there I was, discussing the merits of dry clothes vs. continuing to play at the sink with a very angry little girl, who writhed and shrieked and fleshed out her point of view, which was "NO NO NO NO WA-WA NO DRESS NO!"

"Oh, my girlie," I sighed, "how old are you, again?"

"NO! I am NOT TWO!"

And really, doesn't that say it all?



Aren't they amazing? Right after our son turned two this year we asked him how old he is. "Oh, I five." And he has steadfastly insisted he's 5 ever since. He doesn't even know anyone who is 5.


Really, she sounds 13 to me.


You are so very screwed. I'm sorry, but you are. ;)


Heh. When I was two I told my mother "When I was three I fell out of that tree." When she reminded me that I was only two, I said, "NO. When I was three BEFORE."


Amma Always

Sometimes blessed feels like screwed, but you and Mir are both blessed. Just wait about 20 years. It will come clear that you are blessed. And old.


Today my daughter was frustrated with her trains. I leaned to help and she said "Out of here!" while pointing imperiously at the door. I stepped outside and 15 seconds later she wailed "Hold meeeeee!" I think she would have preferred it if I could hold her while remaining outside the room, but for that she'd need Elastigirl as her mother.

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