Draw me a happy. Tell me a sad.
A pattern to repeat

Happy birthday, Sophia!

Her hair is always a mess...

Sophia b-day 010 
...and she always has food on her face. Oh, and attitude in her eyes.

Max's hair 011 
She likes bananas. And she loves that dang yellow chair, which is her partner in a thousand and one crimes.

Sophia b-day 005 
Did I mention the drawing? Here she's teaching her stuffed bear to draw happys. Her stuffed toys all wear washable marker battle scars. (P.S. "washable"? HA, I say.)

Sophia b-day 015 
She loves Knuffle Bunny...

Sophia b-day 023 
...and Elmo.

But she REALLY likes getting dressed to go outside.

Sophia b-day 036 

And whatever she tries on, she checks it out in the mirror and announces "I LIKE it!"

She is loud and loving and busy and usually talking.

She is our Sophia.

Sophia b-day 033 
And she is two.



Happy 2nd birthday, Sophia. Congratulations on being so amazing. People around the world read about you and your family, and you bring a smile to us all. You remind us to pay more attention to our own families. That's a very important job for some one who has just turned 2!


Happy Birthday, Sophia!

I love that daisy dress -- it looks beautiful on her!


Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Pamela L

Happy Birthday, Sophia!! You are so beautiful ~

Terri H

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Heather Cook

We have that bear and that chair! :)

Happy Birthday Sophia!

The One True josh

That last picture looks SO much like you as a baby! It's almost spooky!

I mean, it's not. I'm not saying that genetics are a big SURPRISE or anything. Just that, y'know, she looks a lot like you did. A whole lot. You could fool people with your baby pictures.

I don't recall you being that cute, though...


lovely birthday, lovely life pretty girl


I know this is late, but Happy B'day Sophia! She's such a pretty and headstrong little girl. I've noticed something from when you post her pics up--is she a lefty? Hehe, I dunno why I notice stuff like that, but if she is that's pretty cool :-)

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