I blame daylight savings. For everything, really.
Draw me a happy. Tell me a sad.

A brief sampler of our family's achievements over the last week.

On Friday we went to the DMV, where Tre learned the sad truth. As we sat there and sat there and sat there, among a great crush of unhappy humanity, he said, "What is WRONG with this place? The DMV is TERRIBLE! I thought it would be a HAPPY place!"

He just figured that since they hand out permits and licences there, that it would be draped in rainbows and paved with glitter. Poor pumpkin.

But not THAT poor of a pumpkin, because after only two and a half hours or so, he finally left with...

April11 017 
A DRIVER'S PERMIT! *cue angel song*

Does that kid look happy, or what? Clay, by the way, is looking slightly concerned because when I came out to take pictures, Sophia followed me, and she happened to be completely naked. At least it was a  warm day.

Clay's main achievement, by the way, is that he was the first to ride as Tre's passenger. Sophia didn't care for that, and kept saying, "NO, Daddy sit THERE seat! Move, Tre! Daddy sit THERE!"

Ah, the wisdom of the young.

While we were waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) at the DMV, I realized that my driver's licence had...erm...expired on my birthday. Oops. So I renewed it online as I sat there. This makes me possibly the only person in the history of the Internet to take the convenience of an online DMV transaction and enjoy it in the muggy, despair-laden air of the actual DMV office. This is not, in case you were wondering, my achievement. This is more of an anti-achievement, and would totally erase my actual achievement if it weren't so very wonderful.

And of course, my achievement is that I finished my midterm. It clocked in at eight pages, and if I say so myself, it was raaaahther well done. When I showed up to class to turn it in, the professor announced that we would be spending the class reading and critiquing each other's papers, and I promptly stabbed myself in the eyeball with my pen.

No, no, that part isn't true. But I WANTED to. But it turned out fine, because after reading everyone else's paper, I felt fairly not nauseated about mine. "Fairly not nauseated" was pretty much what I was shooting for.

Speaking of writing, I am delighted to share with you Max's achievement, which is a poem about triczupynes. Please take a moment to prepare yourself for a true work of genius here...ready? Take your time...aaaand I am thrilled to present:

Summer Breeze, by Max

Trikzupynes (the z is silent)

floating in the breeze




$@&#! trikzupyne (the z is silent)

now i have to get a new butt and with the prices of butts these days i dont know how im going to afford this!!!

I know, I know. You're moved. I only wish you could hear a reading by the author himself. It is...not to be missed. Lawsy, I love that goober.

Raphael lost a tooth this week, which is not really an achievement, but lookit the box he folded to store his tooth in:

April11 023 
Isn't that COOL? I included the quarter for size reference. The tooth fairy thought it was so neat that she was actually only one day late in collecting the tooth. Heh. Stupid fairy.

And I guess that's it for achievements around here...oh, WAIT! One more! This little girl here:

Robotics competition 017 
...will be two tomorrow! Although really, I think that one goes in my and Clay's column too.


Jilly Jill

Yes she does go in your & Clays column! Nice work you two!! She is one beautiful little girl & is so lucky to have the family she does! HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!
Love you all!!


Sophia turning two! Already! That does not seem possible. But congratulations on all of you on your accomplishments.


Ha ha! I love this: "This makes me possibly the only person in the history of the Internet to take the convenience of an online DMV transaction and enjoy it in the muggy, despair-laden air of the actual DMV office."


Right, so I'm now Max's fangirl. Not all stalky and creepy, but I will be keeping an eye out and awaiting all giggly and breathlessly for more. I LOVE the trikzupyne. LOVE IT!

I loved it so much the first time that I read it over and over and laughed until tears were running down my face and then I read it to my husband to share in the sheer witty genius of this smartass kid! We both laughed and quoted our favorite lines of that post.

And now here's more hilarity! Thank you. Just. Thank you.


I smooch you all.


Wow, now THAT'S an eventful wee! Congrats to everyone, especially Max and the triczupynes.

Jill W.

Max is delzightful (the z is silent). : )

I LOVE that you did an online DMV transaction while in the DMV- hilarious.

Very cool origami box. I'm impressed.

How do you have a child who already has a permit? How is Sophia already 2- you were just pregnant! Gah- where does the time go? Thanks for sharing your journey with us.


Hey! William lost a tooth yesterday too! I bet they planned it. ;)

Amma Always

You are all so adzorable. (The Z is silent.)

The Mommy Therapy

LOVE the poem. I see a future in writing there.

If I were the tooth fairy, I would feel obligated to leave a more substantial than usual amount for a tooth in a box like that...how did he do that?

Acheiving two is definitely more of a parental acheivement than one that can be owned by the kids. Congrats to you!

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