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The Z is silent

A few weeks ago, Max was working in his handwriting workbook, and he came across a task that did not impress him. He was supposed to write words with "tri" prefixes and then - this was the annoying part - draw pictures. He drew a series of exaggeratedly childish pictures, then flopped the book in front of me, smug.

"See? I drew a PORCUPINE."

"Yes. But you were supposed to write words that start with 'tri'."

He looked at the book, then walked away and scribbled. He returned and announced, "It wasn't a porcupine, it was a TRICUPINE."

I looked at the book. Under the picture he had written "Trikzupyne." I gave him the single raised eyebrow.

"The Z is silent," he assured me, with a wide-eyed nod.

Max's hair 002 
And that's my Max. I mean, yes he has other qualities that are more important, and probably even other qualities that define him more. He's complex and smart and currently suffering from hormone poisoning. He's thoughtful and notices people to an extent that could almost verge on Machiavellian. But if you asked me to tell you about Max, I would probably start off with, "lord, that kid makes me laugh. And he suffers no fools."

Max's hair 013 

"Trikzupyne" has become Max's standard flippant answer. For instance, if I should ask what, for the love of all that is good and right, is that SMELL, Max will answer, "Oh, that was the trikzupyne. The Z isn't the only thing that's silent!"

Max's hair 017 

Max does like a good smart-mouthed comment. For instance, right here, as we were walking into the hairdresser's shop today, I said "your hair is just so AMAZING." And he looked at me and said, dead-pan, "No, really? Well, why didn't anyone ever TELL ME THAT?"

This is more funny if you've ever gone anywhere with Max. Strangers comment on his hair all the time, and even reach out and touch it sometimes, as though they can't help themselves. It's thick and glossy and those waves just HAPPEN.

It's also heavy and hot and kind of a pain in the neck when it gets this long. But the good news was that it finally got long enough, and so today...
Max's hair 024 

...was finally the day.

Max's hair 032 

We pulled it into two pony tails (which I solemnly promised not to post pictures of), and chopped them off to send to Locks of Love. And in just minutes, I saw the face I remembered emerging out from under all that hair.
Max's hair 046 

He thinks it looks okay, too.
Max's hair 048 

And here he's getting tired of me telling him how cool he looks. He's informing me that when I, his MOTHER, say something is "cool" I am automatically draining it of any actual coolness.

That's my Max. He's something of a smart mouth. I don't mind as much as I probably should. After all, I know the Z is silent...

Max's hair 045 
...but this one? His heart is very loud.



OH MY SWEET LORD. I don't think I've ever seen his hair so short. And you know that I love it long, but MERCY that boy is HANDSOME! Tell him that his future bride left on her band trip this morning but I am going to show her these pictures later and she is going to try VERY HARD to pretend she doesn't think he's unbearably cute. And she will FAIL. Maybe I'll get my camera ready, first, so I can catch her blushing and squirming and insisting he's "just okay." ;)


Love this post. His hair was beautiful and he looks very handsome now.


I LOVE that sense of humor! Did you mention how awesome it is that he decided to donate to locks of love, grew out his hair, then went and did it?!? Follow through. Setting his eyes on the prize and walking away a winner. HUGE!

Amma Always

I will refrain from the multitudes of adoring things I was going to say about how he looks, since that could ruin the look entirely. But oh, my goodness. I am breathless. That look is HIM. I would never have guessed that he would look so...RIGHT...in that cut.


You marry the funny with the poignant so well!

Karate Mom

HA! As I was reading the first part of the post, I was thinking, "What a cute kid with a gorgeous head of hair!!" and then got to the cutting part and thought, "WOW! What a cute kid with short hair!!"

Jill W.

He is gorgeous either way. : )

Jilly Jill

What can I say, other than he is one good looking guy with a heck of a personality!(not to mention a huge heart!!) Maxwell "Smartin" Martin we love you! :)


My hat's off to Max! I did that, donate my hair to Locks of Love, and god it is hot and hard to deal with when it is that long. Good job on following through on that. There were several times when I was growing mine out, that if I'd not written about it in my blog, that I would have cut it off.


Very true! Makes a change to see soonmee spell it out like that. :)

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