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Chickeny Valentine Goodness.

This morning, as Clay was creeping quietly out of bed, I rolled over and said sleepily, "Happy Valentine's Day! Love you." This, of course, means that I totally win Valentine's Day. Because that is what it's all about. Winning.

But then Clay snatched victory back from the jaws of total defeat, because his response was, "Oh, happy Valentine's Day, my sweet little chicken of love."

The best part of that is that I was half asleep, so I TOTALLY FORGOT until I called him mid-morning and he answered with a sheepish, "Is this about me calling you a chicken this morning?" I am going to get many many miles out of that one, my friends. So I suppose you could say that he gave me the best Valentine's Day gift - even though I did buy him a whole bag of Kisses and tossed them at him after dinner tonight. We are very romantic around here.

But all in all, it was just what a celebration of love should be. Tre made dinner while I was at class tonight. Clay saw to it that my van got to the mechanic's for servicing. Max denied any interest in anything remotely Valentine-y, but allowed as how he'd permit chocolate to come his way. Raphael made his cards this year - oh, let me show you -

Feb11 060 
Isn't he just too stinkin' adorable? He kills me.

And Sophia's day was entirely pink and girly, and just the tiniest bit stubborn.

Sophia Vday 
Again, with the killing me.

I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love too, whether it be practical, food-based, adorable, or just plain chickeny.



Raphael's valentines are the best ones I've EVER SEEN.


I agree. If you had posted that Valentine last week, I totally would have stolen Raphael's idea.


looks like an all around WIN for you and yours!

Holly Gault

Raphael's card is sooooo good. He wins.

Sofia reminds me about that poem by AA Milne, "Rice Pudding"

I wish I could attach a picture, but I found one on Google images:


Ohmygosh are you kidding me???

Your kids are amazing!

Raphael's card is incredibly awesome!!!
And your precious tiny stubborn Valentine? I could just eat her up. My stubborn one is just a wee bit tinier than yours but boy is she perfecting that stubborn pout. So hard not to laugh.
Thanks so much for sharing with us!
How are the new baby & mommy doing?
Hope school is going well for you!


Are you sure that's a picture of your daughter? Because I could swear that's Abigail Borden, circa 1999...


"you sweet little chicken of love" made me SMILE!!!! Raphael's card IS amazing, but someone already said that, so you already know.

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