Chickeny Valentine Goodness.

But wait, babies don't get haircuts...oh, shoot.

As much as I've resisted it, Mir is right. Sophia was long due for a haircut. She really was starting to look like a homeless baby. And while it looked lovely up in glossy, ringleted pigtails, getting that done required an act of God, and then she'd yank her hair free in a matter of minutes. And then there we were again. Homeless baby.

So today my dear friend Tracey came over, and we did what had to be done.

Feb11 004 

This is a terrible picture, I know. I'm just including it to give you an idea how LONG her hair had gotten. Crazy. Someone should talk to her mother.

Also, yes, we sat her in her highchair, on a phone book, sideways. Because that is how the super-klassy do it.

Feb11 006 
And my little wild child of a girl was a perfect angel.

Feb11 016 
As a matter of fact, I'm considering asking Tracey to come over and cut her hair every night while I try to make dinner. Sure, she'd be bald eventually, but I'm telling you, she was absolutely serene.

Feb11 021 
It was done soon enough, because it may have been long, but she still only has about seventeen wispy strands of hair. So she was checking herself out in short order. She approved, and spent the rest of the afternoon informing people, "SOOOO pretty."

Feb11 032 
It was not a question, either. Just a statement of fact. Hi, I'm soooo pretty.

And now I'd like to give you some great pictures of her with her new haircut, but have you ever tried to take pictures of a toddler? Most of them look like this:

Feb11 028 
You can almost hear her cussing out the paparazzi in this one, can't you?

You'll just have to take my word for it. As hard as it was to take the leap (because BABIES don't get haircuts, don't you know), her new sassy hair is perfect.

Feb11 035 
It's light and easy and, yes,

Feb11 037 
...sooo pretty.



Julie in Austin

Kira, she is gorgeous! I agree that the first haircut can be tough. My youngest 2 of my 4 boys both had curly golden baby locks. I loved them dearly, and resisted cutting them, but eventually they started to look very girly and I knew it was time. I cried, though, as I watched my babies transform into bona fide little BOYS right before my eyes!

Enjoy your beautiful little firecracker! :)


Oh, it turned out GREAT! And it's so strange with baby hair, how it looks, like, five times thicker after the longer parts have been trimmed off.

Amma Always

You didn't tell me! I didn't know you were going to do this! I know you said " week..." but that was last week and it isn't next week yet. Next week isn't until next week. In fact next week has never come in my life. Odd.

Is this maybe why I am never on time for anything.

She is beautiful.


I think it's hilarious how we are all almost *cough* 40 and veteran moms and still get so excited about the first haircut.

Jill W.

So pretty!

Pamela L

Definitely Sooo Pretty !~


Hi Tracey! You did a wonderful job. Kira, what did you do with the locks?


Like Colleen, I want to know what you did with the hair. Because I am just a bit afraid you're planning to knit it into something (a princess cape, perhaps?) and I'm ready to stage an intervention if necessary.

And of COURSE she's so pretty. I send her many smooches.


A gorgeous haircut, indeed!
My toddlers would run at me the minute I broke out the camera, "ME SEE! ME SEE!" although it sounded more like meseemesee.


As a matter of fact, she IS sooo pretty. And Happy Anniversary today!

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