She's not yet two...but she is SO TWO.
The healing power of a clean floor (and a good man)

And I wouldn't even let them have the crackers.

Here is a snapshot from my life to sum it up: the boys had been banished to the basement with Sophia, so I could sweep and mop the upstairs. I didn't really have time to clean the floor, but the level of...texture underfoot had become unbearable. On our third snow day of the week, something had do be done.

I threw myself into the sweeping mopping nonsense, and listened to a podcast to distract me from the fact that I had more reading to finish before class that evening. The distraction wasn't working all that well, because I realized after ten minutes of listening to it that I was hearing a Christmas themed This American Life.

One boy or another pleaded up the stairs for release from the basement, and I responded, "NO, you cannot come up, because there are dots of tomato sauce on the floor in front of the stove, I am so over scheduled that I can't even keep up with the podcasts that I actually LIKE, and I still have to read stupid Ezra Pound's stupid Cantos."

There was a pause, then a plaintive voice said, "oookay. Then...can we have some Goldfish crackers down here?"




Hope your schedule and the snow lightens up SOON!


I clean houses part-time which makes me not have time to clean my own (or the desire to clean ONE MORE HOUSE!). Two weeks ago, I had a really light week, and so cleaned the downstairs including doing the floors. My daughter came home and said, "Who cleaned our house?" I replied, "I did!" She said, "Nuh UH!" Made me laugh!

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