The best age
'Tis a gift to be simple

Nobody puts Baby in a corner...or anywhere, anymore.

It happened Friday morning. I was puttering around the kitchen, assimilating a breakfast of sorts (I'm not terribly proactive about things before 10 AM). I said, half to myself I suppose, "Who wants some apple?"

Yes, I'm becoming that person. The old woman who has spent so many years embroiled in the uninteresting details of life that she operates mainly off a script of "what do you want to eat" and "is it cold in here?"

Anyhow, in answer to my sort-of-question, Sophia looked up at me and chirped, "Sopha."

I blinked back. Did she just tell me to feed apples to the sofa? But she cocked her head, concentrated, and tried again.

"Sophi. Sophiiia. Sophia." She nodded at me, satisfied. "Sophia."

"Do you Does BABY want some apples?"

"NO," she said, because she is nearly two and no means yes, no, maybe, I'm sorry, could you repeat that, and I have noticed that you are speaking in my presence. In this case it seemed to mean yes, because she followed it up with, "yeah, pleeeze. Sophia have that apples."

And just like that, BABY became Sophia. Let there be great mourning across the land.

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Fortunately, Sophia seems pretty much as adorable as Baby ever was. Did I mention she's taken to dressing herself?



The layered look seems to suggest an impending snow event, the bare feet do not.

Congratualations on your new baby SOPHIA.


That is too cute! It's amazing how they become little PEOPLE right before our eyes like that.


*joins you in a moment of silence for your loss*

Oh she is just precious! I too noticed today our "baby Kelly" is very much NOT interested in being a baby. She flat refuses to eat anything I cut into baby size bites & wants what the BIG people are eating *sniffle*

speaking of babies, how is the NEW mommy & baby doing?

Jill W.


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