Illness update!

Excellent news! It has now been over 30 hours since I have been thrown up on! Sophia has finally taken to nibbling at food again, and her coloring has been upgraded from "wax" all the way to "porcelain."

I even got her to drink some Pedialite, by mixing one of those little packets of powder with club soda. I am very tricky. Or, possibly, grape is officially the one flavor that doesn't suck. Either way, it was a relief.

I am hopeful that tomorrow I will actually be able to move around without a toddler attached to me at all times. And that will be nice, because after the past three days, all I need to get done is...everything. (Example: I'm not ADMITTING that our Christmas tree is still up, just WONDERING how harshly you would judge us if it were?)



I'm glad that she's better! (and I won't judge you if you won't judge me, though I freely admit that my tree is still up. we usually have it down by the weekend after Epiphany, but... well... this weekend should work. It has to. I have company on Tuesday.)


My christmas tree is still up. Other things have been more important. I glare at it occasionally, but it has yet to put itself away.

Amma Always

Hang a picture on it and call it decor. Think of how much time you'll save next Christmas by not having to put it up again.


love Amma's idea...sneaky and creative!!

Wishing you a happy (puke-free) weekend!


There was one year that our tree stayed up until close to March... and it was a live tree. Well, by then it wasn't very alive, but you know what I mean. I judge no one when it comes to Christmas trees.


This is the first year out of five that my Christmas tree was taken down before April. So, no judgeship here! Glad you little one is feeling better!


Our tree is not up, but there are still probably three or four random Christmas gift bags with "stuff" in them scattered around the house. Ugh. I had almost forgotten about them :-) I am so glad that she is better and taking sustenance.

How is your class so far? I stayed up late last night to turn in two assignments...More coffee please!


I wouldn't judge you at all. I put one up in our work cafeteria and keep forgetting to take it down. 120 people must be laughing at me. Oops.

Jan in Norman, OK

I planned to take my tree down weekend before last -- but it was so gray and gloomy around here that I decided a few lights and baubles were a good thing and, dern it, I like looking at my little tree!

Maybe I should just leave it there and hang some Valentine stuff... and then St Patrick's Day stuff...and then Easter stuff... Hey, I think I'm on to something here!

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