He's here!!!
The best age

Although I might "hide" the Veggie Tales DVD next time.

So there we were, in Denver, and Jennie and her Quentin were in Wyoming, a good seven hour drive away. There was simply nothing for it. We had to make a road trip.

We left the boys with my parents and hit the highway. Now, if you can't imagine anything more fun than a weekend with fourteen hours of driving with a toddler in the car, add in a snowstorm.

We got some videos for Sophia to watch in the car because...well, because fourteen total hours. With a toddler. We had a lovely sampler of movies for her to choose from, but as it turns out the only thing she wanted to see was the theme song for Veggie Tales. Over. And over. And over. AND OVER.

Who the hell wants to waltz with potatoes? What is that even supposed to MEAN?

When the beloved theme song was winding down to its end, she would start to writhe in her seat, crying out, "Sa SONG! Sa SONG!" And Clay or I would punch the button, and we'd hear it all again.

She is not yet two years old, but let me tell you - girlfriend is SO TWO.

You never know what a trip with a toddler is going to unleash. It's like digging up a cursed burial chamber - no one can say what horrors will be released. Usually, though, it's the twin demons of "I won't eat that" and "I don't sleep anymore."

For the record, Sophia now eats only cheddar bunny crackers and raisins, and she does not sleep. I know I claimed that she did not sleep before, but that was back when I was all arrogant and drunk on several minutes of sleep in a row. I did not know what I was talking about. Now she does not sleep, and at night she prefers to not sleep while she is lodged in between her father and me, so she can twine my hair around her toes and poke cold sticky fingers in her father's armpits. We think she might be trying to destroy us with psychological warfare. It's actually working, and we're prepared to surrender on all counts, whatever they may be, if she will only sleeeeeeeeep.

All the hours in the car gave us plenty of time to hear her amazing vocal range, from the piercing ululating noise that sounds like some sort of primal hunting cry, to the mournful moan of "no" she made every seven seconds for about one hundred years.

"Hmm," Clay said, after several miles worth of noes, "do you think she means...no?"

And yes, I think she did.

I figure it will take about a week before things settle back down, now that we're home. It may take a month before Sophia will get in the car again without full-on civil disobedience (and by "civil" I mean "NOT AT ALL CIVIL"). Clay, as usual, will probably bounce back better than I, but I think I'm going to need a spa trip and therapy and seventeen straight hours of sleep before I'm myself again.

And I would do it all again. Because there are very few reasons that are good enough to take on a trip like that one, and these people, right here:

Jan10 069 

are two excellent reasons.



Oh, what a WONDERFUL photo!


beautiful picture. And you all deserve awards for surviving the trip!


you may have something here...veggie tales/car trip/toddler = psycholgical torture.
I'm sure there's nothing in the Geneva Convention condemning it!


It just occurred to me that Sophia is an aunt. At the ripe old age of not-quite-two :).
Totally worth the trip! Congrats to all of you!


This one time a squash winked at me and said I looked hot and I have to admit, it DID make me smile.

Pamela L

Totally worth it - beautiful mom and baby. Enjoy the grandchild - he will always be worth the crazy trips ~


Hee. Pamela said grandchild. :) Which makes you (ahem) a grandmother!?

But a beautiful and lucky one. The baby is adorable. Thanks for posting this.

Jilly Jill

Thank you Kira & Clay for just being YOU!!

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