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Today Tre was supposed to go to a movie with his friends after school, but he was feeling sick, and when morning dawned, he was feeling too icky to go. Now, I'm not one to rush off to the doctor, but in my book "sore throat" plus "doesn't want to go to the movies with his friends" equals "prolly strep, dammit." I hauled everyone to the doctor's office to get Tre a strep test. The nurse gave me doubting eyebrows, but HA! I showed her! He DOES have strep, so THERE!

Oh wait. Shoot. I don't really win there, do I?

(Aside: can we seriously not come up with a better test for strep than a throat culture? So you've got a wildy tender sore throat, and the best way to figure out what's causing the pain is to jab cotton-covered sticks down there and thoroughly abrade everything? REALLY?)

Well, we got Tre's drugs and headed home. Sophia went down for a nap, and I got a few things done. When Sophia woke up, I noticed she looked...a bit off. Pale, and yet a little too bright-cheeked for my tastes. And then Max mentioned that his throat felt weird. I put in a call to the doctor's office, and begged the nurse for antibiotics all around. I mean, really. We have one documented case of strep, and now other children are showing symptoms. Hmmm...I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE???

But of course, I was told NO, they couldn't possibly do that. It's just not good medical practice. They have to ascertain that the kids actually have strep before they could possibly prescribe medication, to be responsible, and besides they couldn't really collect the other $90 in co-pays that way, now could they?

She didn't actually SAY that last part, about the co-pays, but it was STRONGLY IMPLIED.

I told her she ruining my life, and that if I had to bring my children in to the office, I was going to tell them to lick all the doorknobs and pens, and that I hoped that if she had been blessed with children herself, all of them would have sensitive stomachs and perpetually runny noses and a predilection for putting inappropriate objects in their mouths. It may have sounded something like a crisp, "Okay, then. Thank you anyway," but I'm certain she could read between THOSE lines. And by God, I hope it STUNG.

So I have been mentally ranting at the doctor's office all evening, and now I really need to let it go. After all, I can't really blame everything on them. I'm sure I'm overreacting because I've got this headache and...wait a minute....*swallows experimentally*...

Oh, poop.


Amma Always

Look back at the history of medicine; the patient has always and will always suffer for the current medical fashion. I could go on and on with lists of historical evidence, but I will spare you. But just one; when you were about 7 you and The One True Josh had sore throats. Ever vigilant against strep, I hauled you both to the doctors office, requesting a culture in those olden days there were no rapid strep screens, so there would be a 48 hour wait for results. Cultures taken, the doc then said "So I will just give them both a Penicillin shot and you won't have to worry about it". I declined and said we'd wait for the culture, we argued for about a half an hour, and he finally fired me as a patient, because I wouldn't let him give you both possibly unnecessary antibiotics. Such was the fashion of the day - first, don't disagree with the doctor, and second, treat antibiotics as candy. For the record you and TOTJ didn't have strep.

I know you have had this same argument many times with your pediatrician, but he has been enlightened enough to not fire you. BUT, the medical fashion (with some good reason) today is NOT to abuse antibiotics, so your checkbook and your kids will suffer in the prevailing medical winds. Medicine always wins, but the patient often loses.

Groovecatmom poor poppets. Feel better soon. Should I bring cookies?


We went through something similar last week. My 7 year old was feverish and coughing and a sad pathetic dishrag on my couch unless he was coughing. When he was coughing, he was trying to somehow choke his very toes up through his mouth and turn himself inside out, an action which leaves no room for breathing. I called to ask for codeine (silly I know. I exhibit these drug seeking behaviors frequently, at least twice since I have had children). No, instead I had to dress my sad little dishrag and drag him to the doctor for chest x rays, throat cultures and lots and lots of waiting and germ spreading. At one point my son, who I barely have to bend to look at eye to eye anymore, asked me to carry him. So we got our codeine but not without paying for it in cash and 7 year old suffering.


When I have a sore throat, frankly I AM glad if it turns out to be strep, because there is something medicine can do about it. Unfortunately, it ususlly turns out to be a virus and I just have to suffer through it. :-(

But better no sore throat at all. May the antibiotics return you all to health rapidly


I hope you are feeling better soon, Kira, along with your kiddos. You made me laugh out loud with the bit about licking all the doorknobs and pens.


Forget about licking the doorknobs and pens. Have them lick the DOCTOR. That'll show 'em.

Hope you all feel better soon.


Sorry, not sending chocolate, because one winter I had strep 3 times... never had it before, or since... and that was the ONLY time in my life I couldn't eat chocolate. My dr laughed when I went in for my 3rd test of the winter & told him "skip the test, chocolate burns when I eat it, so it's strep". I was right, it was strep. My kids have never had it. That winter they were 3 & 6, carriers maybe?
I hope you all feel better soon!

PS I LOVE @Aimee's suggestion about licking the dr... nurses too. Especially the one you talked to on the phone. =)


Lick the doctor.............


Angela Giles Klocke

YIKES! I hope you all feel so much better soon. But thank you for the laugh. :D


My nephew is on his third bout of strep this year. This time his sister got it too. They are only 6 and 4 yrs old. My 5 yr old got it a month or so ago but not her twin sister. So weird. And you should have seen Hannah's look of betrayal when the nurse swabbed her tonsils. But then the nurse gave her a popsicle, so she forgave her.

Hope you all get your delicious pink medicine if you are sick!

Jill W.


I was pleasantly surprised last week to discover that my doctor no longer makes you come in for pink eye. The nurse just asked me a series of questions and then they called in a crazy-expensive, teensy, wee bottle of antibiotic eyedrops. Much preferrable, on the whole, to having to take her in and put her in a body bind in hopes of not spreading her pink eye, or trading it in for whatever other bugs are currently going around town.

Hope you all feel better soon.


Day-um, you are FUNNY when you're sick. Hope everyone has the good drugs in them now and you're all feeling better.

H West

Thanks for letting me know about my comment form! I didn't know you could change it. . .shows you how much I know about anything. I'm just obssessed about my header and the size of my photos, but I can't even get those the way I want. I hope your family has a good Christmas! Love Raphi's penguins.

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