I wonder if Raphi believes I'm a woman yet?
Send chocolate.

Penguins made of awesomesauce

There was a baking contest at the boys' school today, and Raphael made these penguins, which happen to be the cutest things ever to be covered in gobs of sickly sweet buttercream.

Dec10 028 

I'm not bragging here, or being a doting mother. I mean, LOOK at them!

Dec10 026 

You know you haven't seen anything cuter than that today, and neither have I.

Dec10 022 
Well...almost nothing cuter.



Awesome indeed. I hope he won!


Did he win? HOW DID HE MAKE THOSE?? Way to go, Raphi!!

Amma Always

A-DOR-able. Did he win?

Jan in Norman, OK

I love how animated the faces are!


He won, right? He HAD to have won, because those are absolutely adorable and I want to make them!


Yep, those are mightily impressive and cute and creative. Well done! And William enjoyed the sled runner (candy cane) Raphi gave him. :)


Those are some seriously amazing penguins, but you're right that the chef totally wins first prize for cuteness!


Wow! He did those??? They look way better than anything that I could do! Congrats Raphael!!


These are the best looking penguins I've ever seen! Way to go Raphi! I think you're ready for a Pillsbury Bake Off.


Not sure which is cuter-
Raphael or the ADORABLE penguin creation... AMAZING, I love them!


Care to share directions? They're darling!

Jill W.

Has Maisy seen that picture of him...? ; )

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