Deep thoughts with Kira.
I wonder if Raphi believes I'm a woman yet?

On the balance, worth it.

So, on the one hand, Max and Raphael have been exposing me to ridicule on Facebook. By which I mean, I won't let them lie about their ages to get a Facebook account (THIRTEEN! NOT MY RULES! My rules, however, include the law THOU SHALT NOT LIE ABOUT THINE AGE ONLINE. So I am still the jerk). However, my hard-assery does not actually extend all that far, because I allow them to play all those stupid Facebook games on my account. And they do love themselves some Ninja Wars.

However, I hate those games, and have strictly forbidden FB to tell me anything about anyone's adventures in any of those games. I'm sorry, but I simply don't care about your Mafia dealings, or your farm, or any of it. Sorry. Feel free to be irritated with me. And if you post something on Facebook about how much you dislike me now, I will be HAPPY to read what you have to say, but I still don't care about your farm. You KNOW it's not real, right?

But now Max and Raphi are playing scads of Ninja Wars and Crazy Taxi and whatever, and I keep getting comments from friends saying things like, "Seriously? That's a little weird to me," and "You crack me up. What are you DOING with your life?" I get emails telling me about these comments, but I can't actually SEE or RESPOND TO the comments, because I have forbidden Facebook to talk to me about the stupid games. So. If you are my friend on Facebook, IT IS NOT ME. My sons are responsible for the ninja activity. Sheesh.

Also, if you see that I seem to be on Facebook, and you try to chat with me, and I ignore you, IT IS MY SONS' FAULT.

And yet, although they are managing to completely destroy my online presence (don't we all need one of those?), I suppose they're worth keeping around. Otherwise, I wouldn't overhear exchanges like the one I heard today.

Raphi: Please? PLEASE? If you let me come in, I'll be your good, REAL servant for a day.

 Max: What do you mean?

 Raphi: Like, if you tell me to go get you some food, I'll go get you some good, EDIBLE food!

And there you go. If those boys weren't here to show me the truth, I would have gone to my grave without knowing what constitutes a good, REAL servant.

Thank goodness the ninjas are here to lead the way.



This isn't a comment so much about the ninjas or Facebook BUT just to say that I have spent WAY TOO MUCH time that I should be sleeping because my baby is and MAN am I going to be tired in the morning but I had to catch up on your blog. And so that is what I'm here to say: Thank you. I love your writing and the glimpses into my potential future (I have 4 young boys - younger than yours I mean). Goodnight.

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