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Halloween 2010 - the report

I don't know why I believe you all want to see the costumes my children wore for Halloween. I do, though. I BELIEVE you want to know.

Plus, if I don't write it down, I'll never remember. And this is the only place I ever "write it down." So.

Tre just wasn't sure he could still get away with trick-or-treating. He's so very OLD you know. And mature. In the end he allowed as how he could probably skate by this year by taking Sophia on the rounds. I didn't notice until later that he somehow ended up staying out with the group long after Sophia had been returned to me at the house. Next year, he promises, he's staying home. Probably.

Halloween10 002 
Can you guess what his costume is? He's a chick magnet. Ha!

Halloween10 006 
We made the chicks ourselves.

Max, with characteristic quirky confidence, has known for months that he'd dress up as a rapper. He had almost everything he needed already (that's his dad's shirt, and his brother's pants. The attitude is all his). He just had to find the right bling - and he did. Best bling $14.95 can buy.

Halloween10 015 
He felt quite certain that the cup added to the look. Also - I did not realize this - rappers wear an OFFENSIVE amount of Axe. Gag.

I kept trying to convince Raphael that he wanted to make up his own costume. I hunted for good ideas and practically stalked him, struggling in vain to tempt him away from the bag-o-plastic crap costumes. "You could have a CLOCK and a BIG FAKE KNIFE and be 'killing time!' GET IT?" But he was unimpressed by my clever ideas. Finally I realized, with a jolt, that this might be the last year any child of mine wants to dress up as a Star Wars character. Better late than never, I let it go.

Here he's being Darth Vader, having a bad hair day.

Halloween10 010 
He says, "This is not he baby boy you are looking for." But his mind tricks do not work on me.

Halloween10 013 
Sophia is still my dress-up doll at times like this. I am enjoying it, and I'm not afraid to admit it. Clay brought home a lion costume for her that was lovely and plush and...whatever. Fine. But I pointed out that it was a BOY LION and I did not wait fifteen years to finally dress my daughter in a BOY'S COSTUME, as empowering and gender-role-challenging as that might be.

Halloween10 009 
Sophia was a ladybug.

Halloween10 021 
I like to think the hole in her tights gave her a sort of punk ladybug cred. Which is just as empowering as challenging any old gender roles.

Halloween10 017 
And there they are, my dangerous crew. Aren't they lovely? They scored an obscene amount of candy, which I am raiding unabashedly. Halloween 2010. It didn't suck.



I did! I DID want to know! And I am ON BOARD with the boy lion thing. You know what my girl went as this year? A flower fairy princess. Flower. Fairy. Princess. OH YES SHE DID.


The boys are amazingly imaginative and Sophia makes a perfect lady bug. I'm pretty sure her little male cousin was the lion she almost was. Absolutely better for a boy. :)


Abigail was so cute as the ladybug, she was the ladybug for Halloween 1998, 1999 and 2000. There was a mutiny in 2001, when she insisted on some silly princess costume. I'm still not over it though...*sigh*. I loved the ladybug!


Adorable! And yes, we do want to see those costumes. How else could I have ever known that ladybugs could be punk?


I love the costumes. I especially love the punked out ladybug. Cute overload.
My nephew wore a pumpkin costume this year, which he filled out very nicely. His older sibs called him a plumpkin. You can just feel the love can't you?

Pamela L

Adorable crew you have there - love the ladybug, although I must say, she doesn't look so happy with it in that first picture - LOL?! What is that, the sad puppy eyes or the Oh, Mom, why me eyes?

Definitely, not the boy lion for that beautiful child - glad it was great for all

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