Halloween 2010 - the report
Fear not

Actual conversation I just had with my husband.

Him: Guess what I'm going to do tomorrow.

Me: What?


Me: Um...run a marathon.

Him: No.

Me: Plant a tree.

Him: No.

Me: Bake a cake.

Him: Closer!

Me: Uh...bake a...pie?

Him: No...but closer!

Me: I give up.

Him: I'm going to throw away my underwear.

Me: How is that like baking a pie?

Him: Well, it's closer to it than PLANTING A TREE.

Me: I stand corrected.



Dear Clay,

I think it's probably a good thing you're cute. Just sayin'.



So was this entire conversation just a distraction so you wouldn't think to ask him WHY he is throwing away his underwear?

Jan in Norman, OK

Is he replacing said underwear? Or just...simplifying his life?

Linda Sherwood

Why would he have to wait until tomorrow?


All excellent questions. I'd also ask, what is it about Clay's underwear that makes it more akin to pie-baking than to tree-planting? Or maybe I don't want to know.


Is he throwing away ALL his underwear? Or just getting rid of some worn-out pairs?


maybe throwing away his underwear is not as eco-friendly as planting a tree?


The trash can I put them in was inside by the stove that Kira uses to bake pie's in. Sheesh.
Some people need everything S P E L L E D out for them, no imagination.


Ohhhh. Thanks for clearing that up, Clay.


so it was L I T E R A L L Y closer ... silly us, going for the figurative, just because we can't actually SEE your home...


so, Clay, maybe you could also elaborate as to why it is closer to baking a pie than a cake ????

Jilly Jill

You're not throwing ALL of them away are you Clay... um just checking! =D

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