The air still smells like burnt something
Halloween 2010 - the report

Because cute pictures are the upside of living with a toddler

I think she looks like a little French girl in this outfit.

Oct10 041 

You would never guess from this sweet face that this girl, when displeased, can make a noise that causes birds to fall out of the air, senseless and dazed.

Oct10 044 

Her hair is getting pretty long in the back. It gets tangles, and I really need to go ahead and get it trimmed.

Oct10 042 

But not just yet.

She's loud and lovely, intense and relentless. She hardly ever sleeps, and eats an entirely random diet.

She's our Sophia, and we couldn't do without her.

Oct10 039 




I think she looks like a beautiful little American girl. The most beautiful women I know are American.


Aww, she's just adorable!


I love that dress! It's almost as pretty as she is.


OMG. Package her. You'll make a million.


Thanks. I clicked on your blog hoping for pictures of your perfect princess. I needed that. Mine LOVE dresses still at 5½.

Pamela L

She's adorable in that dress - I think the patent leather shoes and tights are the best!

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