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Sophia these days

These days, these baby days, evaporate before my eyes like a swipe of water on a hot sidewalk. But today, right now, this is how it is with Sophia.

She loves to draw. On paper is good...

Aug10 003

...but her self works too...

Aug10 008

...or furniture. She likes walls and doors and and shopping lists. She snatches ups writing instruments and scribbles and shrieks, "PREH-EEEE!" Which means "pretty," and it is.

Aug10 009

Her knees are perpetually scraped, and often the button at the back of her neck is undone. There's so much she wants to do, and she's so hard to pin down, that I settle for getting her mostly dressed, then let her run. All day I see that button, undone, and think about corralling her to button her up. But as often as not, the end of the day arrives, and she is still ever so unbuttoned.

Aug10 053

She wants to do it herself. Whether it is shoes or the buckle on her car seat, or eating a peach, she declines assistance. It is slow and frustrating and messy. Sometimes my fingers itch with the knowledge of how much faster I could do it if she would just LET me.

Aug10 018

But that's not how it is with Sophia these days.

Aug10 017



NomnomnomNOMNOMNOM. (Translation: I am coming to eat your baby up.)


Oh thanks. She is so cute with her wispy hair and determination. I remember, and now I am teary for my own.


I want my babies back! My youngest is 8 and I really, really tried to keep her little. But she is growing up anyway. Without my consent. Your little Sophia is precious.


What a gorgeous girl!


she is a peach!

Pamela L

Precious and Beautifull!!

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