Sophia these days
Don't mind me. I'm whining again.

Raphael these days

Raphael woke up this morning all joy and swagger. Today was the second day of their Monday school, and he does love Monday school. Mom stopped by to take Tre to school, and she marveled at Raphi and all his early morning happiness. "He's just like his dad," she commented, and it's true. I think we all forget sometimes that they share no genetics, because these two are cut from the same cloth. And when the morning dawns, they leap out of bed, delighted to discover that the world is theirs for the taking.

When we got to school, Raphael trotted off to join his line, but the lines had been moved around. He came running back, panic written on every line of him, and grabbed my hand. "I can't find my LINE, they're NOT THERE," he whispered to me, and the only thing he wanted more at that moment than to find his line was not to cry. I helped him find his class and watched him run over to them, light-footed with relief.

Boys of summer 042

And that is my Raphael. He is a warrior who, despite himself, is half a tender-hearted turn from still being my baby.

He's growing into his role as big brother, blossoming into patience and gentleness that is only sometimes grudging.

Aug10 006

He is so full of ideas and enthusiasm that is hard to capture a candid picture of him that is not at least partially blurred.

Boys of summer 052

This weekend he brought up a huge armload of jammies to get rid of, on the grounds that they are too small or too babyish or scratchy RIGHT HERE. Clay spotted a familiar blue shirt amongst the pile and stopped in his tracks.

"Superman? You're getting rid of SUPERMAN?" he asked, and our eyes met across another milestone.

"Superman is for BABIES," Raphael said, laughing at our dismay. "I AM growing up, you know."

And he is. It's true. He's growing up very fast and very determinedly. He is very big and very grown.

July10 001

He is my baby.



Is it your mission in life to make me teary-eyed with each post? So sweet.

Pamela L

What a handsome boy - I especially love the picture with Sophia leaning on him as if he can hold her up and protect her. How precious the boys are while they grow up ~


Oh my, I have a new favorite blog. Mir brought it on herself. (I'm her favorite lurker, she just doesn't know it lol)I only read down to whatever day you blogged about Tre being absent from school when they FINALLY switched his classes. I decided I had to quit reading THEN or I'd get nothing done today! Plus I think I woke up the baby with my laughing hysterically.
Perhaps if you hadnt rushed the school into that decision they would have had more time to figure out he wasn't actually absent.
Just sayin...
Am looking forward to bedtime tonite when all the kids are fast asleep & I make a big list of all the things I should be doing but am not going to because I can't wait to come back here & read more!
Thanks for sharing!

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