First day
Enough of this joy-filled optomism, let's get to complaining

Loose ends

Melody asked how Tre's first week was. Well, he loved it. I know it's just the beginning, but he was sorry to see the weekend come, which seems like a good sign.


It's not just me, right? He's a lovely, lovely boy. And I think he's going to be fine.

In other news, I wanted to invite y'all to come check out a few other things I've been up to lately. We're back at it over at Five Full Plates, with a new health and fitness challange. Come check us out. Gray is ON FIRE!

And I've also been writing for a company called Juno Baby, along with some other women. Mir is there! Love Mir. That's been a lot of fun. This was my favorite post so far. Heh. I amuse myself.

So to sum up, I guess what I'm saying is thank you for all your support and kind words. Now go away. But what I MEAN is I love you, man!



OH MY GOSH!! You put my name in your blog!! I am so glad that Tre enjoyed his first week AND that there is new post. I check often to see if you have anything new up, and if you don't, I console myself with all the pictures of your Sophia. She is so cute, and Tre looks so handsome and happy. My girls go to kindergarten in about three weeks! AAARrrrggggg!


Yes, he is a lovely boy. (Although, I'm not sure how that description would sit with him.) I love your blog - your life mirrors my own in many ways. Our boys are growing up into these ginormous men. With the manly voices. And the tall-ness. And the feet that don't fit into shoes. And it takes my breath away sometimes. And yes, I think they're going to be just fine. Blessings.


So happy to hear the first week went well.
I see a handsome young man in the picture...but also a very lovely boy.

Jill W.

Definitely not just you. He is lovely.

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