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Rocking the bedtime look, by Sophia Ann

So the sun has gone down, you've been bathed and dressed in your jammies. Your parents have that glassy-eyed look that tells you it's time to get this party started. Here's how I put together a all-night dance party look for the toddler set.

June10 028

Of course, it's important to start with the basics: bath-damp hair, skin that's glossy with baby oil, and zipped up footie jammies. This is a good look - a strong start. But this ensemble is still missing something.

Do you have any plastic links in the house? Of course you do. Take them to your mother and scream until she separates them all from each other. Really put some effort into the screaming. The sound you're shooting for should remind one of a monkey, warning the other monkeys that an enormous monster is about to eat them all. A shrieking, shrill, horrifically loud monkey. Excellent.

June10 011

Now take your links and slide them, one by one, onto your wrist.

June10 012

Keep going.

June10 015

Too much is not enough. This also goes for the aforementioned screaming.

June10 017

How do you know when you've got enough? Are there any left? Then keep going, sister.

June10 019

There. You're all dressed to fight sleep for a few hours! Gorgeous!

June10 021

Up next: extreme accessorizing. It's not for the weak of heart.

June10 031

And then: how to style your daddy. (Hint: step 1- remove him from your little finger.)

June10 004



I'm up late at night with my daughter too. I guess 'with' is not the correct word. I am up WAITING for her to come home. I may have an advantage over you, my baby girl is very, very quiet when she makes her way through the house at night!
(my baby-girl is 18)


The Literary Soundtrack gave you an award. (Because Jennifer is crazy about your blog and thinks you are a fantastic writer!) You can see it at

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