And on the way out, Raphael stuck a sticker on Sophia's butt.
Strength training

Just thinking...

Here's a picture of Max the day Clay and I got married, four years ago.


And here's a picture of him from just last week, on Easter.

Easter10 103

Do you think when he's...say...47 he will still have the same sweetly askew look when he wears a tie?  



Yes. Thank God. :)


What a gorgeous boy he is! At least you can get a tie on him.


I think it will all depend on what's in his plastic cup at 47.


hard to believe they change so much in such a short amount of time....

what a beautiful boy

Jill W.

He is just gorgeous.


What a cutie. But what really amazes me about this post is that if you got married 4 years ago...that means i've been following you for at least 5 years. Well THAT 5 years just flew by!


Who cares about the tie, I just wanna kick his butt and steal his HAIR!! Handsome handsome boy :)

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