God's own
And on the way out, Raphael stuck a sticker on Sophia's butt.

Happy Birthday, Sophia

Sophia, when you were born, one year ago today, I couldn't quite grasp the idea that you were a girl. Daughter, I whispered to you, you are my daughter.


It sounded like make-believe.

I am so glad you get to have a daughter, my mom told me.


And I wasn't sure what that would mean, or if it was somehow a betrayal of my sons to be glad too. After all, I am so grateful to have my sons. They would have been enough. They were enough.


I didn't need all the trappings that come with girls.

Dec09 043 
I didn't need to fall in love with the contrast between your soft pinkness and your brothers' hearty brown.


Or their rambunctious joy in you.

Dec09 096 

August09 125

I didn't need the delight of seeing how naturally your father wraps around you.

Dec09 070 

I didn't need to watch you sleep and marvel at the fan of your eyelashes. 

Dec09 045

I didn't need frilly Christmas dresses.

Jan10 015

Or hair bows.

Easter10 001
I didn't need ridiculously girly outfits.

My life was pretty full, and I was happy. 

I didn't need to have a girl. But oh, my Sophia, my daughter...

Easter10 089 

I needed you.

Easter10 016

Happy birthday. You grow louder and larger and more intense every day. Thank you for being.



Yes, and thank you God for my own two sweet girls :-)

Jan in Norman, OK

Sophia, you are one lucky little girl. You were born into an amazing family. Happy First Birthday, Munchkin!


What a beautiful family you have! I'm so glad that you all have each other.


*weep!* Happy Birthday, beautiful Sophia!


Happy Birthday Sophia!


Awww, this seriously made me tear up. Happy Birthday Sophia! :-)

Mary Jo

She has gotten so big, I cannot believe it's been a year!!

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Amma Always

The third picture from the end looks like she is waving away the Paparazzi.

Pictures don't do her justice. She is so tiny, so adorable, so... in charge!


Beautiful post! Happy Birthday Sophia!

Julie in Austin

Wow, what a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your twinkly, sunny, sweet Sophia!

This post really resonated with me emotionally - I must confess to you that as a mother of FOUR boys who wanted a girl EVERY SINGLE TIME, I am feeling a little twinge of jealousy (also feeling guilty because as you said - I have all these wonderful boys). I mostly just enjoy my rascally monkey boys, and have generally accustomed myself to the fact that I will never have a daughter. However, the absolute delicious sweetness of your darling girl has churned up some of my long-buried feelings about my desire for a daughter (my Mom and I are VERY close, and I hoped to be able to experience that mother-daughter relationship from the other side).

Wow, I apologize for leaving a whiny comment on your Sophia's birthday post! I think I'll go tackle my 4 year old son, Owen (the big boys are in school) and snuzzle his sweet/stinky dirty boy neck! My boys do give good cuddles and hugs, and they LOVE their Mama!


How could it be a year already!! Such precious photos, easy to see how loved you are by all your family Sophia. I am still longing for a granddaughter after 3 sweet boys....

Pamela L

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOPHIA!! It's hard to believe it's been a year of watching her grow here. She's beautiful!

I too longed for a girl but only had the boys. However, I have now been blessed with 2 beautiful grandaughters and I get it - you fall in love anew everyday with their preciousness.

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