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God's own

This morning dawned like most mornings - too early. But it was not most mornings today, it was Easter. And there was celebrating to be done.

Today Tre was confirmed, which is to say he stood in front of the church (and the bishop) and claimed his faith as his own. He's been studying for weeks for this day, so he was prepared.

I was entirely unprepared.

He served as an acolyte today (altar boy), and he was the one to hold the book for the reading of the gospel. As I stood there, watching him look so dignified in his shirt and tie, I was suddenly struck by the fact that this is the start of the most important journey of his life. For a moment panic washed over me. How can he possibly be old enough to make a commitment like this?

I read once that after a woman gives birth, she carries the genetic material of her child in her blood for something like 27 years. I don't know how that could be, or even if it's true, but it sure feels true. At moments like this morning, my veins seem to resonate with my child, with the sweet ache of hope for him.

And then it was time for Tre to make his promises and take his turn kneeling in front of the bishop.

"Tre," he said, "God has called you by name and made you His own."

Easter10 060

And Tre, God's own, was confirmed.

I closed my eyes and released him to God's care, again, at a level that left me slightly dizzy and distinctly weepy.

But in the end, I believe in God and I believe in Tre, and I believe they will work it out.

And I am grateful for these children, whose life sings in my veins, and who force me daily to love better and more bravely.
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Was your weepiness over Tre's ascent into manhood at least partially mitigated by the fact that Raphael is wearing a suit and dress shoes but no socks...? Because I have to say that it soothed ME quite a bit. ;)


Raphael DOES have a way about him, doesnt he?

That picture was taken after church and lunch, and one cannot reasonably expect Raphael to keep ALL his clothes on that WHOLE TIME. Im pretty sure he had socks on during church.

Pretty sure.


What impresses me is seeing all the ties still on. I teach a class of several five and six year olds at church. Several of the boys show up each week wearing ties. I inevitably end up with a collection by the end of class, while the boys have ended up in untucked shirts, untied shoes, and in some cases, no shoes or socks at all!


I first met Tre in a catechism class, remember? Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

Mary Jo

What a great day, I love the picture of the kids together. So amazing.


I believe in God and I believe in Tre...Wow.

You knocked me out with that one. That has to be the single most beautiful statement I have ever read from a mother about her child.


How fun to realize I have "befriended" you through Five Full Plates, thanks to Mir, then to find out you are a reader of my virtual friend Arwen whom I know through Faith and Family. Huh. Small internet world:).

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