And she is SO STRONG in cross-country sleeplessness, too.
Just life

waiting for the sun

A few weeks ago I stayed home from church with a sickly Sophia. That morning while the rest of the family bustled around, preparing to leave, I sat on the couch in my jammies. Raphael walked past, dressed and ready and looking to interrupt any progress. I reached out and pulled him onto my lap, because the simple fact is that Raphael, left to his own devices, will cause problems these days.

He squirmed to get away, but I hugged him close. He relented, but sat within the cage of my arms like a soldier, rigid with a petulant sort of rage. His great grandfather died, and then his grandfather died and his dad is sad and oh that's right, his biological dad left him when he was just a baby, and Raphael still can't figure out why, and all of that is really pissing him off, and he would like to punch someone now please.

He doesn't say any of that, but he has a way of making it clear.

I hooked my chin over his taut shoulder and sang softly in his ear,

"Here comes the sun," and he stilled to listen, "here comes the sun. I's all right."

He sat up again, and looked out the window, then back at me, his expression making it clear that I was wrong and sort of stupid. Indeed, the sky was a lead gray, and a few snowflakes sifted past the window.

"Little darlin', it's been a long, cold, lonely winter." I blinked back how true that is. "Little darlin', it feels like years since it's been here." He leaned against me, and as I continued to whisper-sing, I felt him relax. For a moment his muscles loosed their hold, and he let me carry his weight against my chest. "Here comes the sun. Here comes the sun. I's all right."

Add that to my resume. I also believe in the sun, on behalf of my family, when it cannot be seen.



It's a wonderful thing to add to your resume. Happy late Love Thursday evening.


No fair making me cry.

Jan in Norman, OK

Lady, oh lady! The love in your house warms us all the way out here.


I know you're not fishing for compliments but when you write stuff like this you inspire me to try harder to be a better mom, because it is my unbiased (UNBIASED, I SAY!) opinion that you are one of the best ones out there.


*sniffle* I love that!


...and, yes, the sun is shining on you and your family because of all the love and faith you all have and share with all of us. Love you.

Jill W.

Damn it, woman! Why must you make me cry at work?

Beautiful post.


sniff,sniff... Kira you truly are an amazing person! I guess that's why so many love you so much!!!


I want to say "poor Raphael" but how can I when he has a mom like you? I think I shall say "dear, dear Raphael" instead.

Katie @ Can't Get There From Here

Ain't no magic like a momma's magic, cause a momma's magic don't quit.

(So, so lucky, those boys.)

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